25 comments on “Collecting Shiny Brite Ornaments

  1. I’m a shiny brite fanatic too! I have only used a white tree to showcase my beauties. This year we went with a real tree. They aren’t as pretty on a green tree but I still love each and everyone one! And sometimes the ebay prices are ridiculous, but I can’t help myself. I love the ones with the stenciled snow and chinese lanterns the most. I am lucky to have quite a few clear ones also.

    • Barbette, the lanterns are some of my favs too…actually, ANY of the shapes or stripes I will usually buy instantly (my price is about 1$ each)…but I have been know to spend a little more on truly unique ones…..
      Keep collecting , Sister, the one who dies with the most wins

    • Barbette,
      I was cleaning out some of my mother in laws basement and saw some Shiny Brite ornaments in old looking boxes, I researched a little bit and found that there is a whole group of people that value them as collectibles. These are probably around 1960 and are all gold color (not fancy). I am sure they are not worth trying to sell, but if someone found their own value in them, why should I just throw them out or give them to Goodwill? I have a picture of them but don’t see how to attach it to this comment. Would anyone want them for free? I am in the SanFrancisco bay area and probably wouldn’t want to ship them anywhere. email me directly if anyone is interested.

      • do you still have these if so I would love to have them I can pay for he shipping cost pleaselet me know

    • Yes, and no. Christopher Radko bought the Shiny Brite name in the late 90′s. They hadn’t been rpoduced since 1962, And his company continues to make them in the same styles that were originally produced and added a few designs of his own. So his newer ornaments are like finding vintage ornaments that have never seen the light of day… I have a bunch of new ones too.

    • Hi DEE! Those old ornaments are like crack to me…I have more than I’ll ever need. Glad that you stopped in. Is Oklahoma as frozen as Dallas is right now?

  2. Hello,
    My name is Jenn. I have an affinity for antiques and have been collecting them for a few years now, though I don’t have a specific set of items I always search for.
    My husband and I have just bought our first house and now that we have a son our tree is decorated with 5 generations of ornaments as my parents gave us some from the tree in our house when I was a little kid. Some of my favorite ornaments are from my mother’s childhood. They are clear glass bulbs with colored angel hair on the inside and frosted designs and metallic decorations on the outside. My mother is one of 8 and I have two sisters so I have only a few of these ornaments and would like to add more to my collection. I assume they are Shiny Brite ornaments but I have never found any more like them. Have you ever found any like these? Is it just a matter of being diligent on eBay? Any information you could give me would be much appreciated.
    Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

    Jenn Lara

    • Hi Jenn, I have seen ornaments with angel hair inside, tinsel too. I wanna say they are more 1960′s than 40′s. So probably not Shiney Brite. But I do think they are American. If that helps. I did a quick Google search and only found plastic ones….keep looking. Christmas ornaments last forever because most people keept them packed up for 11 months a year……

  3. You started an obsession – I saw your tree and I have been collecting my Shiny Brite Ornaments for the past year. The picture of your white tree with ornaments is so beautiful. I have yet to buy a white tree, but I’m thinking that the after Christmas sales may give me a chance to buy one at a good price. However, I’m so confused by all the different white trees for sale!!!! What type did you get? Is it made of PVC – is EVERYTHING made of PVC? Any direction you can give me would be so appreciated. Happy Holidays!!!! Thanks! L

  4. I didn’t realize there was anyone else who collected these shiny brite ornaments until just reading this article! I have ornaments from my grandmother (not from her childhood) also from my parents from our childhood, from our first christmas tree and some I’ve collected over the years. Shiny brite was the box I remembered as a kid and I picked up two boxes at a local department store last year after the holidays. Hurray! I’ll be looking for more. I had also picked up some at the thrift store in a paper egg carton while visiting our daughter in PA. They look like vintage shiny brites too. I’m hooked!!!

  5. My collection started when my parents downsized in the 90′s and I got the ones from my childhood. Ebay has been a Godsend. And every antique store we see when we are traveling gets a good going over. I tried to imagine the white tree and am sure it is beautiful. I just can’t imagine havibg a white tree though. I’m an Iowa girl and of the generation of going to the country to find a tree. Good memories! Now we have a gorgeous 9ft tree and every inch has Shiny Brite on it at Christmas. I only use small white lights and they bring the color out in such a beautiful way. I’ve never counted my ornaments but have too many to display. And I limit it to only 1 or 2 of each style.

  6. Hi ya’all, I just came across a few dozen shiny brites and most of them have animals, giraffes, lions, leopards, and elephants do you have any idea which decade they might be from? They are old and kind of dirty and when I tried to rinse one off all the color went down the drain with the water!! I only did that once!!!

    • Hi Jane….OOOHHHNNNNOOOOO!!!! Don’t “wash” your ornaments. Sometimes, I dust them with a soft feather duster. I can’t say that I have ever seen any Shiny Brites with animals on them. Usually Shiny Brites are stenciled with just one color, (bells, holly leaves or just “Season’s Greetings”)…..yours sound more European than American, but seriously I’m no expert. Hold on to them, and don’t wash anymore.

  7. Hello everyone! I’m searching for a green teapot ornament for my mother. She had it as a child. It got broken during a move & she’s never been able to find a replacement. If anyone has any info or a place that I might find one (I’ve been searching etsy & eBay) I would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!

  8. I’m sorting through my boxes of vintage ornaments and noticing what seems to be a mix of ornaments in Shiny Bright boxes. I guess some people were not concerned with putting ornaments back in their original boxes. How can I identify Shiny Brights from others. Do all Shiny Bright have the name and ridged sides? Other markings are: Made in USA, Made in U.S. of A., USA 5 5 5 , and unmarked.

    • Hi Greg, There were a lot of different glass ornaments made in the USA in the past 100 years. Most Shiney Brite are marked…but not all. I rarely find a Shiney Brite box with only Shiney Brites in it. The best way to identify them is to check listings on Ebay. Compare what you have with others that are listed. (Not 100% acurate, but worth a try) Hope this helps.

  9. Hey James thanks for posting this info. – man that wreath you have is awesome – was wondering how you have them attached – I would like to start a wreath of my own and some advice and direction who be appreciated – also ps. Loved the wreath next to the flag – very cool – thanks Mike

    • Hi Mike, all the ornaments are hooked into the chicken wire frme with plain ol’ ornament hooks. Every year it takes several hours to construct….and a few days to take down.

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