18 comments on “The History of the Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket

  1. I love your emails!!! I discovered your blog at Christmas this year thru the Houzz site. I signed up as soon as I could. I enjoyed catching up with everything going on with your house. You both have done a beautiful job. Seems like everything you blog about are things I love. The last email about the Hudson Bay Blankets was very interesting. I’ve always liked these blankets. Keep these emails coming! B.

    • Betsy, It’s always a pleasure to read comments like yours. It thrills to the core to know that someone is reading, and enjoying, the things we write about. Obvioulsy, you have good taste.
      We promise to do our best to keep you reading.

  2. I love the blankets, and I wish I could afford one. On day when I move from my condo and I have the space I’m promising myself I’ll get one.
    HBC has in recent years become quite cognizant of the history behind the point blanket and you can now buy all sorts of stuff with the colourful stripes. Before Christmas I went to the flagship store on Queen St (In Toronto) and dreamed. Did you know they have a blanket that’s $2,400 CAD? Bet it’s really warm :) http://www.thebay.com/eng/hbccollections-blankets-Coyote_Fur_Throw_Blanket-thebay/224146

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  5. I really enjoyed reading the history of the blanket, and am appreciative of now knowing more about it. I do however come to your blog to request one of two things. 1. Please credit the image at the top of the couple in the boat as coming from (with link) Rowell Photography at http://www.rowellphoto.com
    or 2. removing the image. I do hope to have the credit where its due, but if you do not wish to link, you may remove the image.

    thank you in advance

    • Ryan, it was your beautiful photo that inspired this story. I am more than glad to credit you fully for it. It’s your dreamy image that brings my words to life. Thank you…….

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    • Lucky girl!! Great Score!!! I was just reading yesterday that people find great blankets at thrift stores all the time…seems no one ever looks at the blankets there. Well, I sure a heck will be from now on…

      • It has a registration number on the tag. How do I find out how old this blanket is?

      • Misty, I have looked everywhere online, and still can’t find anything definite…I’m at a loss here, sorry

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