2 comments on “Living Room with Christmas Tree

  1. LOVE every single tiny morsel of your Home. (I discovered your blog this morning while researching Martha Stewart’s Fawn paint color… and I’ve been hooked ever since.) I’m from Charleston and everything here is beaches, sea shells, seafood, BLUE, and I am sick of it.
    So thank you for giving me a wonderful dose of Texan warmth and your unique style!
    Also, lovely Christmas tree! Who doesn’t love a tree that has been curated by twenty years of vintage ornament-collecting?!
    Very pleased to meet you two! : )

    • Thanks Christina! Every room in our house is “Fawn”..except the office, it’s a cool beachy blue (LOL)..and the bathrooms are bright white.The Fawn is so warm, we wanted a color like khaki work pants….and it’s a neutral to all the black and red.

      I’m hopelessly addicted to glass ornaments, and have 3 times more than will fit on the tree.

      We’re very happy to meet you as well, and hope you keep up with our plans for this little house..we’re not even cose to finished yet.

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