The Giant Spider Hovering over the Cacti


Taco Night in a Box from the Cavender Diary Boys


How to Make a Vintage-ish Lake Sign from the Cavender Diary Boys


Vintage Yardstick Picture Frames from the Cavender Diary Boys


Grain Sack Grocery Bag from the Cavender Diary Boys


Easy Holiday Candles from the Cavender Diary Boys

Aging Wood with Steel Wool & Vinegar

How to Age wood with Steel Wool and Vinegar from the Cavender Diary


How to Build Plumbing Pipe Shelves from the Cavender Diary


Arrangement in a Pumpkin by the Cavender Diary Boys


DIY Frosted Glass Hurricanes from the Cavender Diary


Jars of Lavender Bath Soak from the Cavender Diary


Scrabble Tile Mirror Project from the Cavender Diary


Sea Shell Flower Pot from the Cavender Diary Boys


American Flag Toothpick Wreath from the Cavender Diary Boys


Monogram Moss Wreath with Butterflies

License Plate Box

Finished Snack Box Made from an Old License Plate


Cucumber Infused Vodka from the Cavender Diary Boys


Peppermint Candy Wreath on Green Pine Wreath from the CavenderDiary Boys

Easy Gingerbread Cookies

Bagged Ginger Bread Man Ready to Give Away

Autumn Leaf Garland

The Cavender Front Door with Orange Leaf Garland

“See the Witch?” Candy Treats

Paper Witch Treats Filled with Candy

Movie Night in a Bowl

So Easy Movie Night in a Bowl

“Under the Sea” Bath Mitts

Finished Under the Sea Bath Mits

Reclaimed Wood Dog Bed

Harley and her Painted Nails on the New Dog Bed

Seaside Memory Jars

Seaside Memory Jars on Window Sill in the Bedroom

Motor Oil Candles

Finished Oil Can Candles

Stenciled Grain Sack Pillows

87 Pillow on the Sofa with Bandana Pillow

Jute Wrapped Tin Cans

Jute Wrapped Cans with Cacti and Madonna Candles

Pottery Barn “Inspired” Easel

Finished Pottery Barn Table Top Easel

Making Import Store Baskets Look Vintage

Vintage Navajo Wedding Basket full of Remotes

Aging a “New” Galvanized Metal Clock

Close Up of Aged Galvanized Target Clock

Quick and Easy Bandana Pillows

Finished Bandana Pillow

Reinventing an Old Trunk

Black Painted trunk with Plenty of Travel Stickers

Pallet Wood Coffee Table Tweak

Pallet Coffee Table in Living Room

Flowers and Conversation Hearts Arrangement

Pine Needle Tartan Sachets

Finished Pine Needle Sachet ready for Giving (made from tartan fabric scraps)

Pine Wreath made with Tree Lot Scraps

Awesome Homemade wreath

Big Vintage Ornament Wreath

Big Ornament Wreath

Revamping Craft Store Garland

Cow Skull on Wreath on Front Door

Our Christmas Cards for 2012

Our Image 5X7, 4X6 with small border, and 4X6 without border

Big Red Barn Wood Star

Red Star at Night

Storage Shelf Over the Garage Door

Silver Naihead Trim on Side Table

Creating Sturdy Shelves Between Cabinets

Jackson Pollock Inspired Painted Pillows

Hacked Ikea Lack Shelves on Upcycled Cabinets

Colored Ikea Lanterns with Theatrical Gels

Chalk Board Globe

Bar Cart with Cork Tray Insert

Grocery Store Orchids

Finished Grocery Store Orchids in Bathroom

Organized Spice Drawer

Spray Painted House Numbers

Wood Headboard Wall

Spray Painted Longhorns

PVC Pipe Wine Storage

Cranberry & Rose Grocery Store Centerpiece

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder


Square Autumn Leaf Wreath

Industrial Under-Eaves Light Fixture

32 comments on “Projects

  1. Amazing, you guys. What neat and clean freaks you are. Are you sure you didn’t have help from a wife, mother, sister,girlfriend???

    That bedroom looks like it came straight out of the Pottery Barn catalogue! Seriously, I am so impressed. Posting some of these and link to your webpage on Pinterest, if the gang hasn’t beaten me to it.

    Great job.

  2. I found your page through a recently posted Ikea Hack and I love your spin on rustic style. Your new kitchen is awesome and I saw in the comments that a new refrig is one hold until the funds are available. What about covering the current black one with the “stainless steel” adhesive paper available at most home improvement stores. It would blend in with your other updated appliances until you can make the new purchase. It might be a labor intensive project, but you guys have mad skillls and your attention to detail is unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    • Thanks Sharon,
      We are so glad you found us. We love to change up Ikea.
      That s a great idea about the stainless adhesive, I’m pretty sure that we’d be able to handle it. But we need a fridge with 2 upper doors and a freezer drawer. Right now the door handle on the garage door prevents the fridge from opening all the way….. It’s Super inconvient.
      Glad we got your attention! Stay tuned

  3. James, I’m a fan of the French door refrig too! When I did my gut kitchen renovation 6 years ago, I purchased one and I love it. Since my kitchen is a small galley style, I opted for a “counter depth” model so only the depth of the doors and handle extend past the counter. It was the perfect solution to my narrow NYC space where every inch counts!

    • We’ve talked about a counter depth model, I LOVE that look …. It puzzles me why people remodel kitchens and the fridge is sticking 12 inches out of a cubby! Ours is just in a weird place
      … used to have light switches behind it ……

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  5. Hello James and Jamie~ I found your page through Houzz (love that website), and I am sooo glad I did!! I love your style and ability to make anything Awesome!! I am a fan and a follower!!

  6. Just found your blog – wow..I love it! What a great mix of styles – chic and rustic. I’ll certainly keep coming back to check in and see what you’ve done! I got here through google-ing “low tv console ikea” and came across what you did with your ikea bookcases – genius! I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to style my wall behind/above as awesomely as you guys did…but I’m going to think about going in this direction for my TV room. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Hi Amy, So glad that you found us. I hate the TV, Hate it so much….but we use the hell out of it…and movies look amazing on that big screen. All the “stuff” around it just helps me to forget that it’s there in the first place…We’d love to see what you come up with for your place.

  7. I love love love your style!! Your bedroom is my favorite!! I also have several (John Wayne, etc.) old movie posters. We are currently building a house and I am thinking I will go this direction with our bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Aww thanks Jackie! Our style is a little “junky” and a whole lot “Texas”…I have a few Clint Eastwood and James Dean Posters I’d like to frame one day…just don’t have any free wall space right now…Glad that we could inspire you.

  8. I stumbled upon your blog from a post on Pinterest. I absolutely love your style! Your projects are very inspirational and the end product looks so professional! I really love the wood headboard wall you did. I’m trying to do something similar with pallet boards. I’m definitely going to try your idea of wetting the boards before applying the stain. Can’t wait to see what projects you have next!!

    • Hi Samantha, welcome aboard! That wood wall is a stunner, it turned out even better than planned( I just wanted to hide my lamp cords) I hope we keep you inspired and motivated.

  9. Not sure if my post came through. I was asking about where to purchase the red Navajo blanket/comforter. Love the bedroom!

    • Hi Lynne, I wish I had a dozen of those blankets…..I could sell one a week. It’s an old (read discontinued) Pendleton blanket we bought on a trip to New Mexico. The website has many, many more blankets. Check them out. I’m sure you’ll find one you love.

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  11. Hello you two. I love you already. I found you by searching for my beloved former director, Doug Bihlmaier. He is a gem and clearly you think so too. Totally love the nod to him 🙂 Your perseverance is impressive and your resourcefulness coveted. Have fun with what is to come. I will be watching.

    • Hi Cheri, so glad that you found us. Tell Doug that he has fans in Dallas! When I was in Santa Fe, one of the shop owners found out that I work for Ralph Lauren, and immediately started gushing about mr Doug……..I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’ve never met him…….

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  15. Hello,

    I have one of the Indian’s that started Your collection and one other Radio the I am trying to find out the value. I was hoping I could send You a photo of the other one because I have been unable to determine the name. Thank You in advance.

    • Hi Tasha, that Indian, “Injun Joe” I believe is from the early 90’s, he’s probably worth $20-30, I’d guess. Most Radkos hold their value. Although there are several rare, limited edition ones that can get pretty pricy over time. I’ve been hunting the Saks Fifth Avenue Santa from ‘95 for over 20 yeArs now. He was $45 then, and about $600 now. But he is pretty scarce. Not many ornaments increase in value nearly that much. Last weekend we bought 5 25-year-old Radkos for $5 each at an antique show. I’m certainly no expert, but I’d love to help you out. You can email me pics to and I’ll gladly take a look-see.

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