10 comments on “Now They Can Find Us

    • 2 years ago, when we first moved in, some paramedics woke us up to ask what the address here was…..should have been a clue then

  1. LOL to your comment to CM….I love the new curbside address and think you did a stellar job…as in everything you tackle!

    • Thanks Julie, I walked the block today..and ours is the best one by a landslide….and I kinda wanna keep it that way (E.G.) hehehe

  2. Your projects are wonderful! Just keep motivated – now I just added another project to my house list! I have to find that frog tape soon! And to think you have time to write all these projects down and COMPLETE them! Wow – just Wow!

    • ahhhhhhhh, those are just the projects I managed to post…so many unfinished ones….SOOOOOO many. (Glad I could inspire you)

  3. It worked, It worked! Thank you so much James – your website has given me the push I needed to de-clutter and redecorate the house. In my case the home depots were out of “3”s – so my postman just told me to use the frog tape to make up the “3” and although it is slightly odd (like me and the family) it looks wonderful!

    • Ranelle, I’m so glad that I was able to motivate you!!!! Hooray!!!! (Ya know, you probably could have bought an 8 and modified it to look like a 3……jus’ sayin’)

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