8 comments on “Capitol T, and that Rhymes with P

  1. I’m P green with envy!
    Seriously. I am so happy for you, + I’m not the least bit surprised that you’ve designed it so stylishly!
    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

  2. We are renting a home with a 60 year old pool…. No joke …. 60 years ago this pool was put in and was the only one for miles around … it’s Idaho after all…It has been a blast for my family and friends …. We have bought a 1966 ranch style home we will be renovating and moving into in October …. Next summer will be hard without a pool!!! BTW….. are your walls in the house still khaki??? Love n hugs

    • Always khaki. Depending on the time of day they usually look like the color of a paper lunch bag. And yes, the pool has been a blessing.

      • I found a company that makes paint of discontinued companies. Years ago I used MS Fawn in my office. I did all of the common living are and my master bedroom in it in the new house in it! It goes so well with my decor. I’ve collected quite a bit of Ralph Lauren bed goods over the years and am so glad I saved it. Your blog is a true inspiration …. I quite simply love ir and know we’d be friends if I still lived in the Dallas area …. I’ll be visiting my kids in a few weeks and can already taste the salsa at Uncke Julio’s. Thanks for taking the time to respond

  3. This is fabulously EXQUISITE!!!! Very happy for you!!!! I know an invite to one of your pool soirées will be the hottest ticket in town!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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