10 comments on “Family Secrets

  1. Hi James. This is so incredibly touching. It’s those people of a certain age, (clears throat) you and me, who remember those family dinners around the table. And I always liked to set the table because even though the plates didn’t match necessarily, I made sure that everything looked nice. I still do; Although it’s rare that there’s many dinners here anymore. However, I could feed 100 people and they would have their own dinner plate.

    We did not have a lot of money, but that did not matter. I still thought everything was beautiful and good. My Mum made delicious, simple food. Except when it came to desserts. Remember those days when we used to have dessert every night after dinner? Boy, those were the days!! And the funny thing is because when I used to go to my friend Kim’s for dinner I used to like it there because her Mum used to make scallop potatoes with Campbell’s mushroom soup. My Mum never made it that way, she made it the old fashion way with milk and butter and layers and all that. That’s still how I make it too. I am going to purchase this book and I also am going to sit my mom down and I’m going to get all those recipes that are special to our family. And the stories behind them all. Thank you for the very sentimental and very welcome reminder of simpler, special times with special people.
    Christine (outside of Vancouver BC Canada)

    • Hi Christine, glad you liked it. These recipes always take me back to those times. I’m so lucky that my aunt saved them this way.

  2. What a great post! It was the same for me, homemade food lovingly made by my mom with the family’s secrets!

    • It seems like a lifetime ago when I had a home-cooked meal 7 nights a week. I’ve never made a rhubarb custard pie… but I’m planing on baking one as soon as I see rhubarb in the stores. The last time I tasted one, grandma made it. That was about 40 years ago. Funny how food can connect us…

  3. I loved your story so much! Reminded me of my own family dinners growing up. My mother passed away in 2017 and I still think of her everyday. Our mother’s worked so hard to make dinner every night. We would wait until my father got home from work then we would sit together at the kitchen table (the dining room was for holidays only). Food was always made from scratch, rarely were any prepackaged products used. She baked almost everyday, yet none of us were overweight. I hope there are still families out there that carry on this simple daily ritual.

    • I’d like to believe that there are families that still have diner rituals like we did. And same, our formal dining room, and the “good” china, was saved just for the holidays.

  4. This is such a beautiful story of when family mattered and their gatherings around the kitchen table. It saddens me to know that the recipes that my grandmother then my mother then me prepared will be lost to the new generation due to lack of interest

  5. What a wonderful, and thoughtful way to share your families history. Every family needs an Aunt Jan! The stories of your Grandparents give you a glance into a much simpler, happier, safer time. The world would be a better place if more families ate around the table.

    • Agreed, but times change, and at a stay at home mom hovering over a hot stove all day seems like a cliche. But those times flood back to me whenever I make one of these dishes.

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