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Ok folks,

This is seriously embarrassing….

Although we have had a mile-long list of improvements/tweaks for our house before we even stepped foot inside, we have neglected to share any of it here…. under this “To Do List” tab.

I have to apologize.

Can I add, “Make To Do list”, under the “To Do List” tab? …..Well, I certainly should…..

Allow me to make amends…I colored the projects we have finished (or almost finished in some cases) in orange and linked back to the posts about such project.

Here is a list of the things we did the first year:

And now the “Still Plan on Doing” list that we wrote at the beginning of year number 2,

I will continue to update this project list as our priorities change.

2 comments on “To Do List

    • Our fence has been up for 2 years now , and is still only partially stained. So embarassing to admit it. It’s a huge project to stain, and when we arrange for someone to do it for us … rains. When it does happen, I’ll post a ton of pics….And Yeah! I love that garage door turned to carriage doors!,,they make it look easy…..

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