31 comments on “Solid Mahogany

  1. That looked like a pretty complicated DIY. They make it look so easy on This Old House! Love love love, the new door. It is just what the house wanted and needed! Nice work guys!πŸ˜ƒ. Now what will it look like for Christmas?!

    • Well Christine, we won’t be painting it red…..and there has been some debate about whether or not there will be a wreath on it…Time will tell.

  2. Love the new door, and the fountain ! You guys have a lovely front yard! Hope you are enjoying the summer! Take care. πŸ˜ŠπŸ”†

  3. Your new door is gorgeous! and very adult looking, btw. I love that turquoise fountain. I’ll bet the sounds are delightful.

  4. Wow, what a find! Just beautiful. Love reading your blog. You are always really funny and entertaining, especially for a homesick Texan.

    • Thanks Christa. Glad that you’re entertained. Texas is where we always want to be…..but occasionally being on an island would be nice too (Don’t tell anyone)

  5. I loved that orange door but agree this new door is beautiful also! As always love everything y’all do there. So fun to see new posts. Waiting patiently on posts about the master bath. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m waiting too Betsy. I’ve been feverishly working on a big project for the past 6 months, that’s why there’s been a lack of blog posts, but I’m finished now……and ready to start blogging/bathroom remodeling again…..

  6. ADORE the door!!!! Love the wood…love the windows. What a find. And the new turquoise water fountain is a great touch to the entrance. When can I get you both to come to FL and help me with my house?
    P.S. sorry about your wasp bite. Those hurt!!!!

  7. Way to go! And a door has to be installed just right! Besides….you boys are ahead of the curve! As you can attest, mahogany is the NEW orange! Can’t wait to read more!

  8. I’ve never loved anything more. The horizontal panes of reed glass are perfection for you house! I bet you did the gay intake of breath (Kathy Griffin talks about it) when you spied it in the store! Meanwhile, in that one photo, there is a Cubs jersey hanging from your mailbox. I didn’t realize you were fans! πŸ˜‰

    • LOL Kay, that Cub’s jersey is just a rag,and I don’t mean that as a metaphor. It really is a rag I was using to wipe everything down….

  9. Love, Love, LOVE! Your beautiful new front door. Gives the house a contemporary/mid century look to the front, which in my older years, is becoming a style period I like. Love the fountain also. Did u get that old piano?

  10. What a sophisticated beauty! Standing at that door, you’re thinking “I can’t wait to see the inside”. You just know there is some style awesomeness going on in there. But I have a confession…I loved the orange door. The new door is perfect, but I have to give that orange door it’s due for the unique, cool vibe it displayed.

    FYI..I was at a large, outdoor antiques market in my hometown of Chattanooga TN, when I spotted a Buddy Lee figure. It was painted metal and I thought of you immediately when I saw it. I was able to share with my mother what I learned about Buddy Lee from reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom with us. I enjoy reading about your adventures.

    • Aw thanks Allison, I loved the orange door too. The new one is just way more sophisticated…..I’m so tickled that you learned about Buddy Lee from me. I have a knock off on my desk right next to me now. He has tooled chaps and a red western shirt. Super cute…..but not real. I get a real one one day. More adventures coming soon……

  11. Very nice; I approve! Fountain is lovely. It’s much better to be known as ‘the house with the orange door’ as opposed to something like ‘the house with the dead grass, broken down car and garbage everywhere’ wouldn’t you say? We’re known as ‘the house that turns on their Christmas lights on Canada Day’ (which is July 1st) because, well, the lights are red and white and a little bit of quirk keeps the neighbours guessing. Besides, my spouse and I take pride in keeping our front yard neat and tidy and aren’t afraid to throw a bit of crazy in there.

    • Pat, I adore a bit of “crazy” occasionally. Used to have boxwood hedges sprinkled with B-lights. I turned them on whenever I needed the whimsy. Right now we have “Cafe Lights”strung across the backyard…..they are on every night. I’ll show you soon.

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