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  1. This wall turned out so well! The choice of the stain color is perfection! Very nicely done! And those lamps are THE DEAL, to be sure!!! Superb job, gentlemen…superb!!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Vickie!!! We are just thrilled with it….Especially the lamps..I’m always nervous about a NON-returnable internet purchase….These were way better than I expected

    • Thanks Sally, It’s even more beautiful in person….In fact, I’m gazing lovingly at it as I type this…..

  2. Gorgeous-and thanks for the tip on wetting the wood before staining it (with oil based stain). I have never heard that before, but your finished project proves the point.

    Great job–thanks for sharing.


    • Glad that you like it Janie…..I don’t stain very often, so I’m always looking for ways to make it easier…and prettier.

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  7. Visiting from Burlap and Denim and am so thankful she hooked up with you to share this. What a beautiful room. I agree that a glue gun is a must have in our arsenal of tools. Looking forward to exploring the rest of your site. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for the heads up on this stain color! I just tried it on some solid wood ikea furniture. AMAZING! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to next!

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    • Hi Tiare, this is just slightly embarrassing, but we got it from Rooms to Go, I think it was 300$. It’s their Pottery Barn style. We want to replace it with something made of wood……but haven’t found anything that we like better yet .

  10. Saw this on Pinterest, what an awesome accent wall. I’m particularly in love with the lamps, where did you get them? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Melanie, our wall looks even better in person, we admire it every day. We got the lamps at Restoration Hardware just about a year ago. They were having a lighting sale and they were about 100$ each .

      Now go build a wall!

  11. AMAZING! LOVE IT! 🙂 Just staring at some pallet wood we have already taken apart and is sitting in our room as i type! Now to get cracking and put it all up on the wall! It sure is motivating looking at this piece of art you have created! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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  15. very nicely done, so rustic and were i come from would love my bedroom like that, only problem is i am disabled and have no one to make a bedroom like that. being from the west i truely do miss home and this would bring me home and make me rest at nght instead of the stupid wall color they have on the walls when i bought the house, ahhh to have a nice bedroom like that. very gorgious and thanks for taking me back home a little bit. again i sure wish i had someone to do that to my room for sure.

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  17. I love, love, love your bedroom! You guys have a fabulous home and great talent. Where did you find the red Navajo blanket and rug? I think they are fabby!

    • Hi Diane, aren’t you sweet? Thanks for making our Sunday night that much nicer. The blanket is from Pendleton, we got it in New Mexico a few years ago…and get asked about all the time. Unfortunately, they don’t make that style any more, but there are several red/black ones on the website. The rugs are all from El Paso Saddle Blanket, they have a site as well.. Happy decorating, James

  18. Love your room! You guys are very talented and creative. Where did you get the horns above your bed and your bedding? Thanks!

    • Hi Dani, The horns were a gift from a friend years ago, but I still see tons of them on eBay. The red blanket is a very old Pendleton, not made any more, but there are many, many more on their website.

  19. Omg I searched for old planks and ideas for so long! I found this one and fell in love with it all. And you left such detail directions on how to achieve this look! Thank you thank you. I will definitely do this:)

  20. I just found your blog site tonight while looking through some pinterest home repair ideas. I only looked tonight at this project and the fence. I will return later in the week and look at more of what you have done. The wood wall in the bedroom looked well done. I, too, had never heard the tip about wiping down the wood first before you stain. I will keep that one in mind. I use pallets/skids for many projects. I have found three sources for them where they are brand new and the companies I get them from do not reuse them. The lumber from them looks brand new save for the holes from the nails. The companies thanked me for asking for permission for them and when they get some special pallets/skids in they will call me to let me know they are setting them out. I look forward to following your future posts. God bless.

  21. Beautiful wall .. going to do it for my sons room next week. Did you buy smooth or rough sawn planks? Just standard pine 1×8?

    • Hi Cindy, Those juicy, juicy orange jersey sheets were from Target a few years ago. Aren’t they just the best ORANGE color? Like a friggin’ Crayola Crayon. I’ve been tryign to find replacements lately and have had no luck……Please let me know if you find some similar.

      • Hi Ann!!! It’s Martha Stewart Fawn…..H Depot used to carry Martha paints, if they don’t in Lubbock anymore, they should still be able to color match the color in another paint

  22. Hi James! Thank you for posting this – my husband and I are interested in making this our 1st home project of our 1st home! A few questions:

    1- You mentioned nailing the board so very few nails were on the face side, can you please explain how you “…only shot nails in the bottoms and sides” – did you use the nail gun on an angle? Did that warp the boards at all or ruin in the integrity of the nail?

    2- Do you recommend staining after the installation?

    thanks again for your help, hopefully we can share our master bedroom reno photo.

    • Hi Colleen,
      How exciting that you are copying one of our favorite projects… I tried to use a few nails as possible, so yes, I shot them at an angle into the sides of the boards. I did shoot a few into knots…so they wouldn’t be that visable. It might be a good idea to stain your wood before assembly, just in case they do shrink a little you won’t have unstained areas showing between boards. It’s been up 3 years now, and no warping at all for ours. Just plain pine/white wood from Home Depot. We don’t have much humidity in Dallas….so that may help prevent warping too.

      Best of luck to y’all……and we’d love to see pictures of your finished wall. (I’m thinking of writing a post with pics of our projects that readers have done)

  23. can’t say enough about the whole BR ensemble. it’s awesome! where did you get your bed linens: sheets, red/blue “W” pillow shams, accent pillow, etc.?

    • Thanks TJ. This is a pretty old picture and most of my sheets were old then. The black/white striped sheets, khaki comforter, and red/black pillow cases are all Ralph Lauren……long discontinued. The red/black blanket is Pendleton…..long discontinued too. The black and grey pillow I made with Ralph Lauren scraps from a client project….. That fabric is still available, but only by the yard. Try eBay , they have old sheets occasionally.

  24. i’m about to start building a wall like yours – got the 1900s pharmacy sconces also! how high did you mount the sconces? and are you fine with that or do you wish they were higher or lower?

    • Hi TJ, I think we mounted them about 4 feet up the wall. But our bed is pretty freaking high. It’s the perfect height for me to reach the switch in the morning. Remember that we mounted them upside down,(they look better that way) and the light part of the lamp is heavy……..it has fallen once or twice in the past 3 years. Doesn’t bother me…..just be warned.

  25. hey, i know this was a project from a while ago, but i’d still like to emulate it now. it’s just that cool! did you make the red pillow shams (with the W on them) or purchase them somewhere? i haven’t seen anything like them. thanks

  26. This looks fantastic. It has inspired us to get going on our own project. How many applications did you do? And, did you wipe it down or just let it dry on its own?

  27. Thank you for responding. And thank you for the inspiration. Thanks to you, we are now underway with our own project. Once again, your work is beautiful.

  28. Hi, I love your Master Bedroom and am currently trying to re-create it. Are you by chance ready to redecorate and willing to sell the red “W” pillowcases to me? 🙂

    • Hi Trey, LOL, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of them…in fact, I’ve been scouring Ebay trying to replace them. They are 20+ years old, and when the corners frey. I just re-stitch the whole side. But I’ve done that so many times that they are kinda short now. If you really LOVE them, you can buy the Ralph Lauren fabric by the yard and have them made. The pattern is called “Algonquin”….buy sadly, it only comes in wool. Here, I found a yard online…https://www.onlinefabricstore.net/ralph-lauren-algonquin-vintage-red-fabric-.htm

  29. I was thinking about doing this project however I would have 2 outlets in the way. How would you incorporate the outlets. Since the wall sticks out about 1.5 inch’s what would you recommend the best way to do it. I understand you would just cut around it but it would be sunken into the wall. Thanks for your input

    • Hi Jeff, sunken into the Wall isn’t such a bad thing. But if that bugs you, and yeah…it would bug me, just move the outlets forward onto your wood walls. Remove the plates, unscrew them from the box, cut holes the same size as the one in the drywall, and reattach them on top of your new wood. You shouldn’t have to detach them from the electrical. Does that make sense?

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