26 comments on “Coffee Table Tweak

  1. I love the rustic , distressed look, well really I love it the most because our dogs we love cannot hurt the furniture (no worries) You guys are great, now I know why I keep every board I collect it is waiting to be something wonderful.

    • It’s not “that” wonky, I started to sand the top down, but it changed the color of the wood…… The old top had a lot of drinks sweat on it ….that’s why the stain was missing on the edges …. Now it will all add character…..

  2. Long time follower – love your creativity and voice! I’m way north of Dallas but we get to Oak Cliff a lot – Bishop Arts, Sunday’s Mardi Gras celebration. The very best, friendliest, most fun part of the city. Just wanted you to know there are those of us out here who look forward to each post from you – you can’t see us, but we’re here and big fans 🙂

    • Hi Ali!!! We just adore Oak Cliff, neither of us had spent much time here before buying our house..now, we can’t imagine living anywhere else…So close to downtown, yet feels like a small, hip town.
      We just love to hear that people are really reading our posts. Thanks for sending the love…

  3. Is it just ME, or do you get just a tad bit excited when you see a big truck driving by FULL of pallets??!! I’ve been tempted to follow… 😉 Love me some pallets! Beautiful table you recreated! I had my brother make my coffee table out of a pallet!…oh, and we also made a pallet accent wall in my daughter’s bedroom…and pallet signs…ummm…okay, I’m a little bit obsessed. ha ha If you ever wanna check them out…I’m over at made-2-love.blogspot.com =)

    • Jenny, I do get excited when I see pallets just laying on th side of the road… Why doesn’t someone rescue them and make something already?

      I LOVE your blog….your energy translates so well.

      And I need to get me a upright piano. If we only had room for one….

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    • Hi Kimbie, they come from El Paso Saddle Blanket in El Paso Texas……I think we have 7, or 8, it’s like a theme. They change their inventory often,,,but see if you like one of these

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