15 comments on “Has it Really Been 4 Years?

  1. I found your blog last year sometime–I think it was your garage reveal I saw somewhere–and I’ve been a regular ever since. I don’t know how I missed your post about the Pecks, but boy! was I shocked when I read it! I taught Gert in elementary school, along with his siblings, and watched them grow up. He was a friend of my son’s when they were little. It was such a pleasure to see what a fine family he has made, including y’all. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nicki, what a small world it truly is. Gert is by far one of the politest, kindest, gracious people I’ve ever had the good fortune to call a friend. He is a wonderful husband and even better father. Whenever I worry about Kylie’s baby-raising judgement, I remember that Gert is there too…..and I feel much better. Anybody who knows him would say the same thing. I think that he gained some of those qualities from the people like yourself who influenced him when he was little. Thank you for that.

      Btw, the 5 of us are headed to Florida in May…..should make for an interesting read.

  2. I love that you reminded me of some great previous posts. Lenny’s Shopping Embarrassment is, by far, my favorite as far as your writing goes.
    So. Great!

    • Thanks Jen, that’s one of my favorite stories too. I’ve been slowly writing down a few more….It’s nice to have them in a permanent place (not my mind)

    • Hi Caitlin, In the years past we have exchanged small gifts, last year I gave Jamie a key charm, but this year we are saving our funds for a bathroom remodel…..

  3. I just saw your home at Eclectically Vintage.com and was totally blown away by what you guys have done. Talk about talented!!! I love the warmth it exudes and those marvelous layers of interest everywhere. I just signed up to receive your blog and look forward to learning more from you. I plan to use some of your ideas in my home to help create the warmth and coziness that you have accomplished. Kudos to you both!

    • Hi Vickie!! We have a fine balance between, collected and hoarded…I love that our layers exude “warmth”, we just live surrounded by things we love. Welcome aboard.

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