26 comments on “The Ivory Birdcage

  1. There are NO FRANKLIN MINT plates in my hiSTORY. ) Well… Maybe in the basement… But only bec some old lady left me all her stuff, and I cannot find loving homes for them. ). Sigh. Sausage like finger, indeed. The word I’m thinking of… Rhymes ..with… “Witch”. And I REFUSE to even dignify “half-a-century”. Though James is my old, old, old , old OLD friend.

  2. That is a great story. Good job! Thanks for telling it. I needed a good laugh and I agree with Doris.

  3. And to think that I thought my old keys and door hardware was interesting!
    Member the days of EBay exciting calls about our tin toy collections! Fun!
    Love everything the “Cavender Boys” do! All bias aside, they are my brothers-in-law, and the best EVER Uncles!

  4. But, he was okay with the ‘dust mites’, eh?

    Great story that was told with great finesse. I was laughing out loud (really, I was) and my children kept asking, “What is so funny, Mommy?” Aaaahhh, thanks for sharing. Now I want one.

  5. OMG….I thought I was going to pee my pants! Too funny! You tell a great story!

    PS: I agree with Lenny, remove the comment about Franklin Mint collector plates…that could put some serious hurt to a dude’s reputation. 🙂

  6. I read this out loud to the children and staff. They were most amused. My house-man, Robert’s favorite part was , “used by Chinese men to tighten their purse strings. (Something my friend Lenny has never needed accoutrement to help with) “. He said, ” I KNOW THAS RIGHT! HE KNOW YOU MISTAH LENNART!”.

  7. Oh, the education I get from reading your blog …

    I did a spit take at “You have to go to Hong Kong for that!” Too funny!

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    • So glad that you like it Lindsey, I’ve been telling that story for almost 20 years…..glad that I was able to write it as well as I tell it in person……

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