29 comments on “Lie Down with Dogs…..

  1. I don’t think it looks very comfy to lay on though it is cute; the wood edge would hurt if he wanted to stretch out! Dogs usually like a bolster or something they can sink into. Love your skills though!

  2. I love it! We have 2 big dog beds around. Can’t do a big frame because of where they are. Maybe some pendleton inspiration on a stadium blanket budget?? hmmmmmm……..

  3. Love It!!! Hubby thinks it’s going to be too heavy for me to move around. (we have bad dust bunnies here) Settle a bet: Does it weigh more than 50#? Thanks for all the great ideas! He’s now a fan too!

    • Hi Shawnee, tell him that it doesn’t weight that much. It IS substantial…..our beast is not very delicate and we didn’t want her to be able to tear it apart……Maybe 25 pounds. We put felt pads under the feet so it kinda slides on the floor to clean under it.

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    • Her ears were what drew us to her immediately! They were just as quirky as she is……someone botched the ear job (she is a rescue dog)…..and it’s her best feature. Aren’t Dobermans just the greatest dogs? So glad that you found us!

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      • By chance, would you be interested in selling this, if your doggie is still not interested in it, that is 🙂 ? I absolutely adore this bed, and this is *exactly* what I’ve been looking for, for so long now – this rustic / industrial style wood dog bed. Unfortunately, I don’t think my hubby would be able to make this beauty! If interested in selling it, please feel free to email me at annlanglois {at} hotmail {dot} {com}.

  6. Love this bed. We made 2 and have them together with the exception of the pipe on top. What bit did you use to drill the top? The paddle bits we have don’t seem quite right for the project. Thanks!!!!

    • OOOh my God Cat!!!! I totally forgot to respond….so sorry. I meant to ask Jamie if he remembered the details. he doesn’t either. I used a paddle bit, not sure of the size but it was much smaller than the pipe, so I used a rubber mallet to really drive the elbow end into the wood. They are in there pretty tight, but I wouldn’t pick it up by the handles……

  7. Thanks so much for getting back to me!!! I tend to over think things. Can’t wait to put the finishing touches on the beds:)

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  9. Wonderfull James,!!!
    Sorry for my english i am french.
    I have a question what did you put on the wood to be dark???
    I would like to do it for my baby dog 😉 .!

    • Hi Janet. Your English is much better than my French will ever be. We used a water based stain, American Walnut color, to stain our boards. Hope this helps you.

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