17 comments on “Chenille Patches

  1. James, I love your Texas Tech memories! Aww. And patches! Years ago, I found a vintage volleyball (I think) jersey with ‘TECH’ in chenille. I always think about restyling the letters, but I can’t bear to tamper with the red, thickly silk-ish woven jersey. I’m in process of turning a mohair sofa into a Rugby inspired patch extravaganza, wee! If I ever finish, I’ll share. Love your pillows. And blog!

  2. Love reading your blog, it always puts a smile on my face! Especially knowing you’re a fellow Red Raider! My husband still has his fraternity jerseys and I should turn them into pillows!

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  4. Hey thanks soo sooo much for the IDEA…I lettered in VERY little in school…but none the less I have those patches and now by golly I am making some pillows with them….C H S EAGLES…..

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  6. HI “James”, was doing a search for Texas Tech patches and your post showed up in the search results. Sorry you lost all your fraternity shirts.

    • Awww thanks “Big Al”. Serves me right for keeping them all in one place. I still have all the rest of my clothes from 1989. LOL Actually, Bratcher gave me one of his extra Poverty Sucks T-shirts. (Not the one I designed… but sill, it’s close.) And I still have my paddles. A few years ago Lenny’s daughter found a set of my letters in a closet in Lubbock. She was going to get them to me… but, well, you know how that family is. At least I know the general vicinity of them….. City.anyway. Next time you’re over there, will you grab them for me? I have a better chance of reclaiming something of mine from you than… you know who….

  7. These chenille patches look so lovely, Great collection, Now even I’m thinking to start collecting these patches

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