16 comments on “Chenille Patches

  1. James, I love your Texas Tech memories! Aww. And patches! Years ago, I found a vintage volleyball (I think) jersey with ‘TECH’ in chenille. I always think about restyling the letters, but I can’t bear to tamper with the red, thickly silk-ish woven jersey. I’m in process of turning a mohair sofa into a Rugby inspired patch extravaganza, wee! If I ever finish, I’ll share. Love your pillows. And blog!

  2. Love reading your blog, it always puts a smile on my face! Especially knowing you’re a fellow Red Raider! My husband still has his fraternity jerseys and I should turn them into pillows!

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  4. Hey thanks soo sooo much for the IDEA…I lettered in VERY little in school…but none the less I have those patches and now by golly I am making some pillows with them….C H S EAGLES…..

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  6. HI “James”, was doing a search for Texas Tech patches and your post showed up in the search results. Sorry you lost all your fraternity shirts.

    • Awww thanks “Big Al”. Serves me right for keeping them all in one place. I still have all the rest of my clothes from 1989. LOL Actually, Bratcher gave me one of his extra Poverty Sucks T-shirts. (Not the one I designed… but sill, it’s close.) And I still have my paddles. A few years ago Lenny’s daughter found a set of my letters in a closet in Lubbock. She was going to get them to me… but, well, you know how that family is. At least I know the general vicinity of them….. City.anyway. Next time you’re over there, will you grab them for me? I have a better chance of reclaiming something of mine from you than… you know who….

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