12 comments on “Roadhouse Relics

  1. Love this. I have a passion for vintage road signs. And, Todd’s signs are beautiful. I’ve seen them before, but never knew the full story. Will definitely stop un on my next trip to Austin!

    • Keith, I’d seen his signs before as well…..the fireflies and Big Tex….but never connected them to an artist. When I found that Indian Motorcycles Sign, I screamed like a girl, and put it all together. LOVE his work!!! LOVE!
      Only in Austin? Right?

      • I agree! The Indian Motorcycle sign is amazing. I also kind of like the car with trailer (for some reason). Very cool that someone is using neon as their medium. Love it! Thanks for the post!! (I’m assuming this is the one you lost yesterday.)

      • I have about 30 drafts of different posts going at all times, varying states of incomplete. Yesterday’s lost post was for October, on Halloween movies…..Had to rewrite the whole thing (sad face)

  2. This post really fascinated me.
    I’m a fan!
    My plans include making Austin pillows a.s.a.p.
    I wonder if he sells other goodies, besides neon, in his gallery.
    Road trip! (My sister lives in Austin + teaches at UT!)
    I sent her a link to this post + asked if she’d ever drive past.
    TY for another excellent post!

    • Hi Kevin, isn’t that sign just great? I wish I knew how much it cost, I’m sure it’s way out of my comfortable price range. I’m pretty sure he does custom work. You should probably check with Todd.

  3. Hey are you guys selling any of these signs or do you custom make them? I’d love to sell your products on our own site at https://winmarkstampandsign.com if you have or offer any partner programs. Have you thoughts about light up safety signs with covid right now, this would be interesting to approach? Thanks!

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