8 comments on “3 Years of Harley Davidson

  1. We just recently celebrated three years with our goofy rescue girl, too! Penny is a boxer (or pit bull, maybe) mix who is quirky and misunderstood but of course we love her to death. She is anxious and protective and snarly and needy and affectionate and eager to please. She knows few boundaries. She is a wonderful cuddler and a sweet girl. We take her to doggie day care regularly so she can romp and play; we had to give up the dog park when she kept getting into scraps with bigger dogs. We got her to keep our older dog youthful but he is not interested in playing with her at all–ha! Anywho, all of that is to say that I understand this post COMPLETELY.

  2. Aunt Sheridan loves her niece, Harley!!
    And, Harley’s cousins, Avery,Kenzie& Shelby, do too! The verdict is questionable, with her canine cousins, Gibbs & Ziva, as they do not share nicely! Happy 3 years of bliss, Harley!!!

  3. Awww, congrats! We just added Maxwell Murphy to our family (see your FB comments). He’s part Manchester Terrier so he has very similar markings to a Dobie but he’s only 15 lbs (from his Italian Greyhound side). It’s been a treat taking him to “school” since our last dog didn’t play well with others. Dogs are the best! Harley, you are a lucky girl!

  4. I can see why you jumped to the top of the list when adopting Harley, what a heartwarming tribute.
    I am TheHeaddog of our childless house, besides me there is my husband and our current three pups, #’s 7,8 and 9. Yep we have loved and cared for 9 dogs in our 34 yrs of marriage. We have quite the blended family now after just this week taking in #9, a two month old Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier to add to our 4 yr old Golden Retriever and our 5 yr old Doxie/terrier mix. Our lives are complete when there are dogs in it. Give your beautiful girl a big hug and thanks for a wonderful story.

    • I hug her every day…and she kisses back. We are on the tentative lookout for a sibling….a small, quiet one….we’ll know when we find the right one

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