25 comments on “Halloween on Cavender

  1. So beautiful! You had me at ORANGE! With so many pumpkin topiaries on doorsteps these days, I have to admit that I love the unstructured pumpkin/gourd collection you chose to display! And the chuckling pumpkin-head candleholder is divine–where did you find such a treasure??

  2. Absolutely beautiful and perfect! Now, can you come over and do my front door?? Kidding but thank you for sharing! You always give me inspiration. Hope you enjoy this cooler weather. 🙂

    • Tom Thumb is where I found them…..Can you believe that Michael’s and Garden Ridge had nothing? Good thing they last for years…….

  3. Laughed at “the children at your local craft store” . How could they have never heard of preserved leaves? I am an old Craft n Flower (Ohio) girl. Gone are the days of professional framers, talented floral designers and knowledgable employees! Today’s craft stores are minimum wage cashiers, that’s it. Usually I find myself explaining the products to them!
    The porch is just absolutely magnificent. Thanks for sharing. Always love your talented ideas.

    • Glad you like Christine. An yes, I too have to explain things to the “Craft Store Hourlys”…..like gold leaf, Ice spray, frosting gel, and looking glass spray paint.

  4. Awesome Job, I love it. I admit I never thought of Autumn garland until now. You both have so much style and FUN that I wished we lived closer I was your friend.

  5. I just love how you decorated the door! It’s so creative with the lights and fall leaves. It must feel festive every time you see it.

      • I know this is old but I do the same. I put so much effort in my yard and decorations that I have to admire it too! And there is no such thing as “over the top” in my world. Plus I change things up every year – keeps me out of trouble!

        I hope to move to Oak Cliff or Lakewood as soon as last kid is in college – 2 years away.

      • Laurie, If I could, I would create a full on cemetery in the front yard every year……I think about it every year. And it would be AMAZING!!! Come to the “Cliff”, it’s great here…… I was in Lakewood for years before this…I like Oak Cliff much better.

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  8. I asked the question, and lo n behold, found it – Im screaming! Its gorgeous and the base was free – the porch is beautiful. Good thing I live far away, I would be sitting and staring at your creations like a stalker!!

    • I knew I’d written about it before 😃 It always corresponds with Jamie trimming our oak trees in early October. Yupp, free branches….ohhhh, FYI…wait till you see thecgarland for Christmas. (Also mostly free)

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