19 comments on “Customizing our Ikea Lanterns

  1. OK….totally loving the lantern make-over! They work perfectly with your super-cool orange front door…and they really accent the orange flowers near the steps! Diggin’ it!

    • Thanks Tina, They were soooooo easy. and I love them so much that I just couldn’t wait to publish this post!

  2. WOW! I love this idea!!! I would not have known where to purchase the gel so thanks for THAT tip as well!

    • Vickie, you can use the gels to make “stained glass” french doors as well. or even wrapped around vases to make colored hurricanes inside….They are so cheap!

    • We are all for…Simple, Cheap, and Easy..these were all 3…We’re so glad that you’re following along with us!

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    • I’m pretty sure there is an online source for gels. Im on the road traveling right
      Now, or I’d search for one for you. They are used for theatrical lighting. I’m sure you can use colored cellophane from a craft store…… But it’s usually not as thick or dark colored.

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  7. Truly, I have never been a blog reader and I have been reading every one of yours for the last few hours on this rainy Dallas day. I love all the posts even though my “style” is a tad different. I have a new desire to have an all white, ten item inventory in my home….maybe a tad delusional but I am in a less is more phase. Until I live out of a suitcase, I can’t wait to read your next entry. Truly, Ali

    • Hi Ali,
      This rainy Dallas day has ruined our plans for roofing our tool shed, so Jamie is replanting the barrel (6th time, I think) and I’m cleaning inside. I promise that we both scaled down our possessions before moving into the Cavender house……but continue to surround ourselves with “memorabilia”…We are thrilled that you found us, makes us a little nervous when people read too far back (the first few posts were a little “weak”)…..
      Welcome aboard.

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