13 comments on “Our Caribbean Cruise

    • You are so sweet!!! I’ve been writing in the present, silly…..I’ll fill you in on all the details when I see you next…prolly tomorrow….

  1. I’ve been on a couple of cruises, and I’m hooked…sounds like you might be, too! I’m in Florida, so it’s only an hour or so drive to several ports…and off we go. Your pictures are amazing!

    BTW…why DO the folks on cruises dress like they’re headed for the red carpet at the Oscars on “formal night”…? Really? I’ve always worn a nice dress and heels…and I’ve always gotten those “Oh, no she didn’t” looks. Whatev! Iol


    • Tina, We loved it..Having our friends there to share in the trip certainly helped make it much more fun…..I have no idea why anyone would want to waste valuable luggage space on formal clothes…All I wanted to bring was flip-flops and t-shirts. That’s a VACATION to me.

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  4. I just found your blog (hopped over from Burlap & Denim, which I also just found today 🙂 ) I am so LOVING everything I see here! I’m a fellow Texan (hill country), too. I had to comment on this post to encourage you to go back to Saint Martin/St. Maarten whenever possible. My husband and I (and son) have been several times and would retire there if we could. If (!) you like to eat on vacation, I don’t think there’s a better place to go – not only does the French side have 5 star restaurants, but the roadside bbq places (and the open air restaurants in Grand Case) are equally good (and cheap!) There’s also a cool tree house restaurant (I think it’s called Loterie Farm), and you can do a zip line/ropes course adventure there – imagine flying between giant mango trees 75 feet off the ground! (rum punch is a good instigator/recovery drink for such adventures, lol).

    Anyway – thrilled to find your blog, and I can’t wait to read the rest of it … good thing I don’t have too much work to do this morning, hehe.


    • Patty, we are going back..St Thomas as well. We loved the little time that we spent there…we just won’t travel during hurricane season anymore….

      Boy howdy! Do we love to eat and drink rum punch on vacation!

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