32 comments on “And Baby Makes 5

  1. What an incredibly beautiful story with a wonderful baby addition along the way! Congratulations to all of you! And God bless each of you as you love and guide this sweet baby girl along on her newly charted journey!i couldn’t help weeping with joy!

  2. I have to admit I’m a little weepy. That is the sweetest story!

    I wish my gays were closer, but maybe I’ll make new friends in our new residence. It is Seattle, after all.

  3. Oh my, what a sweet way to start my Saturday! Congratulations to all, and what a fortunate little girl 🙂

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!111 Thanks for the wonderful post and congrats to the new parents…such joy. So if you are every traveling to Colorado (SE, Delta, Grand Junction, Utah area) please stop in and say hi and have lunch, and I feel like I KNOW YOU…oh, and by the way, I design, the cutest little girl outfits you can imagine…Rosalyn

  5. A sweet and completely beautiful continuing story…my dear genteel Highland Park grandmother had James and Peter…my grandfather adored them, as well, and he was grateful for the many weddings, deb balls, etc he didn’t have to attend with her! I knew them from my earliest memory and their home on Beverly was the most fun place ever. (They also gifted 7 year old me with my first dog, a Cairn terrier puppy we happily took back to Denver and adored for many blissful years.) Now, I am blessed to have my own “James and Peter”- my funny, kind, snarky, generous cousin and his wonderful partner of 17 years in Seattle. My husband and I are counting the days until their glorious wedding/celebration this August on Whidbey Island; they are such an important part of our lives and I only wish they lived closer….although the Pacific Northwest is a great place to visit. Two years ago after my husband and our friends left me in Kauai, I called my cousin to come join me for the last week….it poured – monsoon poured – every day. We never cared, staying up late, laughing, eating, drinking, reminiscing – cant imagine another soul who would have enhanced a potential wasted vacation situation like him. You are five lucky, lucky people!

  6. What a lovely touching story of love, friendship and families (beautifully written). Wish I had a “James and Peter”,

  7. What a wonderful story. I am so Happy for all of you and that is one Lucky Little Girl to have you in her life. Have a great weekend.

    • We kept saying, “Do you have plans for breakfast?, Snorkeling?, Lunch?, Shopping?, Shaved Ice?, Dinner?, Cocktails?,” Next thing I knew it was 5 days later and we were all on the plane back to Dallas together.

  8. Love it when a story leaves me smiling like this one!
    Oh, the honeymoon thing. My sister and my brother in law went on the honeymoon of my x husband and his new wife….Now that’s memorable.

  9. Taye Diggs…be still my heart. There was a time I wished myself to be Idina…

    I love this post as a tribute to passing years and everlasting friendships. Beautiful.

    • I really hate to sound “that gay”, but it’s true, he did tell Kylie that after our dinner. I also loaned him clothes (shorts and a Hawaiian shirt) that night because he showed up at my house in a suit directly from work. In true German fashion, he cleaned them before he returned them to me.

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