19 comments on “The Indian Hawthorn is Outta Here

  1. Gonna be AWESOME! I have not one doubt!!! Lots of hard work to get this far. Proud of you two!

    • We currently have a garage full of cacti, rosemary, grasses, and other goodies to plant out there…we can’t wait for everything to fill-in and grow big

  2. Oh, this made me laugh – I HATE Indian Hawthorn…what a nothing plant. We pulled out every single one! (And I just cringe when someone – Neil Sperry – recommends them!) Even those piddling shed-out little short-lived pink flowers didn’t make up for their overall blah-ness. The stone is just beautiful and the wall looks amazing. You know that once you plant a few wonderful natives like blue salvia, buttercream crawling lantana, feather grasses, Turk’s Caps etc etc it will fill in and be lush and gorgeous and dependable….even during hell -I mean summer! Keep us posted on progress 🙂

    • I’m so glad that everyone else feels the way that we do about the Hawthorne…….blah, blah, blah, I promise that the new beds will look more our style….and survive the Teas summers

  3. Love the rock. What are those vent looking rectangular things underneath the windows?

    Looking forward to see the final result. Am doing landscaping here too, but need some walkways poured or flagstone installed first.

    Good luck and thanks for posting this.

    • Our house is a pier and beam, the ground shifts in Texas and a slab foundation cracks. Those are vents …..necessary AND unattractive…..trust us , they will be behind plants

  4. Love your blog and both of your incredible styles and talents!! I am very interested in knowing if your rosemary survives transplanting! Every one I’ve ever moved has met it’s demise…I sure would love to know how to transplant one without killing it!

  5. LOL @ here’s a link so you can miss them, too.
    It’s good to laff again!
    But seriously.
    Are you planning to amend your soil before planting?
    I wish we’d done said-same to the foundation here.
    Good luck!
    K A Y

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  7. Don’t be worried about the open space! A few years ago my mother decided to rip out the bushes in front of her and my dad’s house and it left a huge space to fill. It has taken some, but her front lawn in so beautiful now. Not to mention those bricks are the PERFECT way to edge the flower bed. Good luck and please post pictures once it starts filling in!

    • Thanks Kaci, we have been planting off and on for the past few weeks…….just added some cactus “cuttings” this evening. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the progress.

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