8 comments on “Cowboy Boots – The Art & Sole

  1. Yee haw. West Texas girl here! Love the boots! Check out the books by Tyler Beard titled “Art of the Boot” and “The Cowboy Boot Book” they are beautiful. You’ll enjoy those also!

  2. Beautiful book! I just ordered four! One for my boot obsessed friend Robin, one for my brother, one for me and a spare. We were just in the Stock Yards last weekend with the family. We all loved Leddy’s hand made boots. We studied them and wondered which country and western singer would purchase them. I wish I could include the photos my dad took of the beautiful boots in my comment!

  3. Eek, I will be getting this book! I got married in cowboy boots, that’s how much I love them 🙂 We are just finishing up our bedroom remodel and on my shoe rack there had to be 2 shelves for all of my boots! Thank you for sharing this book.

    • Wish I had room for my boots …. They line the bedroom walls ( no closet space) ……I know that you’ll love this book as much as I do!

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