10 comments on “Grey’s Room Inspiration

    • Rhonda, it’s pretty easy to do, (just follow Morgan’s tutorial) the pipes are already sold in almost every size too…if not, Home Depot will cut them for you

  1. I love your ideas for Grey’s room!!! I hope he and his mom implement your ideas…and send pictures for us to see. The best part of these ideas (and those you have used in your own home) is that they are made from “everyday” stuff that can be found easily and doesn’t break the bank.

    Tina B.

    PS How cool is it that someone asked for your design advice? It’s waaaaay cool…props to you.

  2. Love all your ideas and hope we get to see “after” pictures too. I am only surprised if Grey’s mom is the first to ask for your design advice! Good for her for asking and for you for taking the time to answer with such great ideas!

    • Cathy, she caught me on a day with no projects of my own to tackle…..other people just want to know our paint colors….or where that Indian art peice came from

  3. I love all the suggestions too! I’ll definitely share our progress however slow it may be! Thanks James for all your ideas! As a wife, mother of two boys, the sister of an awesome brother and the daughter of a camera/pistol toting father, I feel like I know boys. But, I know my knowledge and experience has its limits! That’s why I reached out to you. First step, paint. We’ll see where it goes from there.

    Grey’s Momma

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