7 comments on “What to Plant

  1. In keeping with the Texas theme, climate and drought conditions, we are going 100% xeriscape at the ranch this year – we are even finding cool native plants around the place and replanting them – prickly pear, agave, etc and will most likely plant the prickly pear under the windows – WHAT?! Yes, you read right -under the windows. Why? Added security! lol! They are stunning this time of year with their gorgeous yellow flowers. Saying goodbye to all the grass and hello to bull rock. (Not too sad since I have to mow close to an acre around the house anyway!) I’m sure whatever you choose, it will be awesome…

  2. Love your blog and your style. Regarding what to plant, just a thought your retaining wall is angular which is more formal and your plant material seems informal. Have you consider a curving bed (informal) and yes I know it requires more work but adds to the appeal of the design and can invite multiple varieties and layers of plants. Just a caution on bottle brush they can get good sized, could be used as an anchor. Look at P Allen Smith’s books and web site for great ideas. Have been where you are before sometimes it is just try it and change what you don’t like. Again you are so talented found you through Apartment web site so glad I did.

    • Hi Susan, so glad that you did find us. The squareness of the bed relates to the fence, shutters, and eventually a new front door. Even the stacked stone relates. But you are right, we are planting a pretty informal bed, hopefully with little maintenance. The bottle brushes are new to us, I don’t see them much in Dallas …… So it will be a surprise if they get big at all….. We k ow the rosemary will . Thanks got the lead, I’m going to check his site now.

  3. Recently discovered your entertaining, well done blog. You have great taste. I live in Fredericksburg, Texas and I had several Mexican feather grasses freeze this past winter. The plants in protected spots survived. I suggest purple muhly grass. In the fall they’re so lovely. I enjoy agaves and they produce lots of pups that can be transplanted. Cactus are fun too but be careful not to over water.

    • Hi Cecil, we have a few grasses already and we just love them…..even a purple one. Is that the one with the fox tails? We love that one. We are worried about agaves freezing, we kill a Sego palm every year.

      So glad that you found us , we think that you have great taste too (eg)

  4. Do you have Neil Sperry’s book? He has saved me many times from planting things that won’t winter over or that are likely to die from various and sundry things. He is the expert on Texas gardening. Before doing all of that planting you might want to wander through the botanic gardens to see what rings your bell.

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