12 comments on “Finally Finished Those Flower Beds

  1. Hey guys! Yard looks amazing as usual! A little heads up on the bottle brush you bought, they get gi-normous! HUGE. I put mine by the driveway. Mexican petunias are a good plant and forget it too.

    • I have heard that about bottle brush bushes…we shall see. Everything seems so small right now. I’m looking forward to the post in a year to show what thrived and what gave up on life.

      • They are practically a TREE. At least a West Texas sized tree. The whole job looks really nice. As for the names of things, Bunny Ear Cactus is the one that made me laugh. I had a small pot of succulents that I brought inside for the winter, and last week no fewer than 10,000 teeny tiny grasshoppers emerged from it. I don’t think they eat the cacti & agaves you planted. You made good choices. PLease do an update so the rest of can see what thrives and what gives up.

  2. Beautiful!!! I adore it the whole shebang. Also, I have no idea why but the words “paddle cactus” made me giggle out loud when I read them….three different times.

    • Did I spell it wrong? I do that a lot….No …that’s right. It’s not like I called it “Big But” cactus…now, that makes me giggle. Big But

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