12 comments on “Back From the Dead……

  1. Well poop, gardening can be disappointing, but after 19 years in my own yard, it’s still trial and error. Your yard looked great and it looks great again. Keep sluggin’.

  2. Just now catching up on all my summer blogs! Where did the summer go ???
    Love your blog ! always save it for last. 🙂
    Your yard looks absolutely fabulous! I’m curious about one of the plants in the front “flower” bed….it is the one that has a long shoot with red flowers….do you know the name?? Redoing my front beds next spring and definitely going for this vibe.

    • Hi Cindy, those are “false yucca”
      Or red yucca. I love them ! Very graphic and the red flowers attract hummingbirds! In Texas they live all year and bloom for months. Glad you like them too…..they also come in yellow.

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