18 comments on “Artist Profile – Mimi Kirchner

  1. Tattoos AND a kilt?!?!? Be still my heart! Not that I don’t love a lumberjack but I live in a logging community, so for me, the glitter has gone from that particular gold. 😉

  2. James, I’m going to “try” and sew a lumberjack doll. Just wondered if you ever created one.? I wish I could afford to purchase her dolls. So unique!

    • I’ve got my tattoo doll cut out, but put away until I can come up with all the cool things I want to put together for beard, hair, eyes etc. I may have bit off more than I can chew on this doll. I love Mimis doll designs!

      • I made a little cowgirl soft-sculpture doll a few years ago. She wears little scraps of western fabrics as skirts and my favorite concho bracelet as a belt. She lives in the tote bag under my desk with a handful of Steiffs. But I’m nowhere as talented as Mimi.

  3. I have been a secret admirer from afar for several years now. I am amazed at Mimi’s dolls. I love, love, love her imagination and would love to meet her some day. I could be so lucky.

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