9 comments on “More Than Just a Burger

  1. Ok…seriously…I need to schedule a trip to your neck of the woods! That burger looks delish!

    As I scrolled down and read your post…the burger menu came into view…and I thought, “What tha hell! That ain’t no burger!”

    Then……….the burger itself came into view! Holy Mother of all Burgers…and those spicy fries….ya, I must get to Texas…ASAP!

    Dude, now I’m hungry…………………


  2. My son was just telling us about Burguesa last night! We all agreed we need to try it out soon! Hope they have a veggie burger for me… If not, I could make a meal of the fries!

  3. I thought Dallas area was already amazing for having In-N-Out (I’m a frequent SoCal visitor) – I wish on my trip to TX in March I would have discovered this with my dad!

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