17 comments on “Welcome to the World Baby Girl

  1. What a beautiful story of love and friendship. Brought tears to my eyes Kindest regards, Elizabeth

  2. The picture of the 4 of you is beautiful! It also cracks me up! You’d think you or Jamie were the daddies! Poor Gert looks like an afterthought… ;(

    I could be talked into having another baby if you were my shower’s host. Gorgeous!!

  3. You and your brother are a handsome duo. Anyway, I LOVE the color scheme bc it reminds of Baskin and Robbins. Too cute. We love our friends kids. It’s so amazing to watch the world through their eyes. Well done. Angel Pie is a lucky little sweetheart.

    • I believe that my brother is between girlfrineds at the moment, and headed to San Diego for an internship at the Maritime Museum for the summer if you know any available young ladies in that area.

      Baskin Robbins is right!! Strawberry/Chocolate ice cream was our inspiration

  4. What a sweet tribute! I love all the little details – you guys really think of everything! I will be attempting the woven ribbon idea for July 4th! Also, I’ve never heard the term “gunkle,” but I get it, and I like it. 🙂

  5. Beautiful! And what great friends/”family” you are!!

    I am hosting my daughter’s grad school graduation in three weeks and a bridal shower in August. I have extra bedrooms. How quickly can you get to Atlanta and help me plan? The flowers are breathtaking and the favors beyond adorable.

    I am originally from Oklahoma, so have one Cowboy room and one Indian room so naturally I love your decorating style.

    You two ROCK!!!!

    • Thanks Terry, I think I’ll take the Indian room, or the Cowboy,,,eerrr it’s hard to decide. Wish we had the time for a trip to Atlanta…We LOVE that city.

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