10 comments on “The Red-Neck Riviera

    • Not quite….It’s beautiful, but we miss Key West…started planing a September trip to Key West while we were sill in Seaside…..

  1. That definitely looks like a place we need to experience. But I have one question. That’s Gert with all those tats? I never took him for a tattoo-kind-of-guy. 😉

  2. Awesome! You must return + photograph some of the cottages! Or I can just go to realtor.com again + have a look-see. Did you notice that all the (excellent) signage looks like the same person made each? And not to go all geography police on you, but the panhandle of Florida is next to Alabama. The beach bar at the state line is called the Floribama. I got that tee shirt. :-X

  3. I’m so glad you called the post Red Neck Riviera – maybe people will think “I don’t want to go there” — Purely selfish motivation beause that’s my FAVORITE place to vacation, especially in the fall, when it’s still hot, rental prices go down and kids are at school. I feel like I have the whole place to myself! I love the idea of renting Vespa’s- where did you rent them from?

    • We usually do Key West just after school starts for the same reasons……island all too ourselves. We got the Vespas from bike rental place, pretty expensive ($100 each- per day) and Jamie’s ran out of gas on 30A, but totally worth it!

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