20 comments on “Why Yes, That is Our Garage

  1. Great!!! Love everything that y’all do!! Would it really have hurt them too terribly bad to put your website a little larger? Probably not!!

  2. Oh, geez…love the use of the magnifying glass…you crack me up!! Still loving your garage, tho’…

  3. As an Interior Designer, a few articles ‘conveniently’ have listed homeowners as the designers. Lol. ;,)

      • You have an amazing style AND you were given credit! Win Win!

        FYI, we also {recently} visited the Red Neck Riviera and LOVED it! {So funny; it was called the same when we were booking/looking. Sold me!

  4. Your garage is awesome. I bet you love spending time in it. One of my favorite features in BHG is when they find designers in different regions and showcase their work. Congratulations!……Vicki

  5. I’ve been coveting your garage since you first posted about it. I think I have printed out every picture you have posted on your blog. Today I painted the door into my house with chalkboard paint as inspired by you.

  6. Congratulations! Still, I think you should’ve gotten more credit. And it’s short-sighted of Good Housekeeping, because people like knowing that this is someone’s actual [house] [garage] [sex dungeon] [whatnot]. At least I do! Nicely done, and now will you come organize MY garage? 😉

    • Lol!!!! I’ve sent out pictures of the dungeon, but no nibbles yet!!!! I have to re-organize my garage (that pic was almost 2 years ago) before I start on someone else’s……sorry

  7. I originally found your blog from googling “garage organization” in Images or something similar. I have you bookmarked as “Ikea Garage” because of the reuse of the red medicine cabinets. I also have the shelves above the garage door bookmarked. They are the best ones I’ve seen. I love your house and blog. Good Housekeeping sales will spike this month.

    • Aww thanks, Those red Ikea cabiners were in a friend’s trash pile…I’m a hoarder and fished them out…glad I did. Wished I’d done more of a “how too” with the big shelves, they sure did turn out well… Glad that you found us!

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