11 comments on “We’re International, ………Almost

  1. When you search it brings up your site, and spelled “RIGHT” might I add! You now need to see how to put one of those buttons on your blog that translates everything to a different language automatically. Congratulations, even if they screwed it up!

  2. If you did write them they would probably just say what I tell my friend we are going to say if we get caught doing something, ” she’s blind and I don’t speak English”

    • I had a friend in High School who used to fake being deaf to get out of fights……worked every time, but our mutual opinion of him dropped every time as well

  3. Congratulations. That’s the picture I found on the ‘net that caused me to follow your blog. I was google image searching for garage organization ideas. I recognized those old Ikea “medicine cabinets” and it was the first time I’d seen someone put them to good use. They were one of those cool Ikea items that people buy and never find a use for. I love your garage and your house.

    • Aww thanks. A friend was throwing those cabinets away……I’m a hoarder, so naturally….I took ’em. Never planned on using them in a bathroom…they hold all those little garage items so well…..

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