20 comments on “Cedar Planking the Garage

  1. Oh, my gosh! I never would have thought about using fence boards in the garage. That is a terrific idea! I built my home a few years back…but they left the garage unfinished and uninsulated. I’m thinking this would be a terrific way for me to finish it myself. (As in…no heavy drywall, tape, mud, sanding…yuck!) Oh, ya….off to Home Depot to get me some boards.

    • Tina, we thought the same thing…BUt we are taping and beding the ceiling..it’s terrible, only finished about half so far…it’s miserable work over our heads…..but a crisp white ceiling makes such a difference, so clean and bright

  2. OMG!! I love your creativeness (is that a word?) JAMES WILL YOU MARRY ME 🙂 I could always use a second husband to help me with house projects!!

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  7. Really like your idea about using the cedar planking. I have a big garage and it looks much like yours when you moved in, except that I am lagging several years behind you in getting it from move-in storage to organizing. The wall are finished with fake wood paneling and has insulation, but there is a justly smell and I fear that the insulation has been compromised, so I am planning to replace the paneling bit by bit. Was looking at using bamboo paneling but it runs $60+ for a 4x8ft panel. So picking up cedar boards a bit a time sounds more doable. I’m going to check it out. Your wall look great.

    • Thanks Julie, I LOVE the look of cedar…and it smelled so fresh for the first few months too…should deter insects, not that we have a problem with them….

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    • Hi David. I’m not really sure. Every week, or so, I’d pick up about $40 in cedar planks from Home Depot. Maybe $400…..or a little more.

      • Hello James, Thanks for sharing your ideas. I too decided a few years back to use cedar fencing from our local hardware store. As you know, there’s a rough and semi-smooth side to each plank. The smooth-side surface was good enough for my project. I built a work shed out of 100% cedar log framing from some bull cedar trees I had run through the saw mill. Then, I wrapped the entire structure with cedar fence planks so that the smooth-side could be seen from the inside. Then, I fastened insulation panels over the fence panels for insulation. Since I had plenty of sand stone rock left over from my home building project; I wrapped the shed with rock. The project turned out great and now every structure I’ve built is wrapped with sandstone (home, work shed and water well house).

      • Herman, that sounds amazing. I’m all for using everything you have. The Native Americans say “every part of the buffalo”. I also love the smell of freshly cut cedar and can’t wait to line our closets with it someday.

  10. Can you tell me about how you fastened the planks to the wall. I’ve been needing an excuse to buy a brad nailer… Did you try to fasten to studs, or not worry about that? What kind of brads did you use? Thanks!

    • Katherine, Sorry I’m just now seeing this. I did use a brad nailer…with small nails at an angle on the sides…so there are no holes in front. It only took a few. And no, I didn’t worry about attaching to the the studs too much. It’s not THAT heavy. A brad nailer is a great investment, but they ain’t cheap. I think mine was about $200, and the gun was another $60.

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