16 comments on “Cedar Planking the Garage

  1. Oh, my gosh! I never would have thought about using fence boards in the garage. That is a terrific idea! I built my home a few years back…but they left the garage unfinished and uninsulated. I’m thinking this would be a terrific way for me to finish it myself. (As in…no heavy drywall, tape, mud, sanding…yuck!) Oh, ya….off to Home Depot to get me some boards.

    • Tina, we thought the same thing…BUt we are taping and beding the ceiling..it’s terrible, only finished about half so far…it’s miserable work over our heads…..but a crisp white ceiling makes such a difference, so clean and bright

  2. OMG!! I love your creativeness (is that a word?) JAMES WILL YOU MARRY ME 🙂 I could always use a second husband to help me with house projects!!

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  7. Really like your idea about using the cedar planking. I have a big garage and it looks much like yours when you moved in, except that I am lagging several years behind you in getting it from move-in storage to organizing. The wall are finished with fake wood paneling and has insulation, but there is a justly smell and I fear that the insulation has been compromised, so I am planning to replace the paneling bit by bit. Was looking at using bamboo paneling but it runs $60+ for a 4x8ft panel. So picking up cedar boards a bit a time sounds more doable. I’m going to check it out. Your wall look great.

    • Thanks Julie, I LOVE the look of cedar…and it smelled so fresh for the first few months too…should deter insects, not that we have a problem with them….

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    • Hi David. I’m not really sure. Every week, or so, I’d pick up about $40 in cedar planks from Home Depot. Maybe $400…..or a little more.

      • Hello James, Thanks for sharing your ideas. I too decided a few years back to use cedar fencing from our local hardware store. As you know, there’s a rough and semi-smooth side to each plank. The smooth-side surface was good enough for my project. I built a work shed out of 100% cedar log framing from some bull cedar trees I had run through the saw mill. Then, I wrapped the entire structure with cedar fence planks so that the smooth-side could be seen from the inside. Then, I fastened insulation panels over the fence panels for insulation. Since I had plenty of sand stone rock left over from my home building project; I wrapped the shed with rock. The project turned out great and now every structure I’ve built is wrapped with sandstone (home, work shed and water well house).

      • Herman, that sounds amazing. I’m all for using everything you have. The Native Americans say “every part of the buffalo”. I also love the smell of freshly cut cedar and can’t wait to line our closets with it someday.

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