21 comments on “Hacking Ikea Lack Shelves

  1. That looks so AWESOME!!! You guys are are absolutely AMAZING! I would not have thought to hack those Ikea shelves like that but it was genius!!! And what a GREAT LOOKING GARAGE!!! WOW!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    • Vickie, we are moving real slow in the gargage…Every time we got to Home depot, we buy 10 more cedar boards….promise to have a “real” reveal in the upcoming weeks….but we had to share this brilliant project while it was still fresh..

  2. OMG! Brilliant use of those Lack shelves!

    PS I love the globes on the shelves…if ya have to do laundry, might as well have something pretty to look at. 🙂

    • I feel the same way Tina, “some people” think that laundry detergent and bleach should be near the washer/dryer…..”Shheeesh”

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    • Michelle, tin globes are one of those things that I can’t stop buying if they are cheap…for the longest time I had 13 (terrible number for a collection)…….actually took a couple of years to find number 14

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  8. James- what color grout is that? love it. we are redoing our bath w travertine and i want a darker grout but am getting push back! I need to use your pic as proof!

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    • Hi, I have a pile of these shelves at my warehouse currently. The longer shelves, over 4 feet, seem to have the 2 metal posts. But all the shorter ones that I have, just bought a week ago, have the bracket like the ones I used in our garage. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi, I’m looking to do the exact same thing but they will be free floating on both sides. Do you think turning the bracket upside down compromises the strength of the shelf? I’ve never looked at these in person. Thanks

    • They don’t hold much weight even if they aren’t cut……if yours aren’t pressed up against something, won’t you see the cut side? It’s not pretty

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