30 comments on “Status Update on the Garage Clean Up

    • I’m so glad that you like my longhorn, he is Seriously huge!…..and has been laying in the garage for months. He’s such a Texas icon….a lot of people are offended by the taxidermy …..but not Texans.

      • If you want horns on him, take him to a taxidermist! They will rebuild him some! My husbands deer head fell off the wall one year and we thought the rack was a goner for sure but we took it in and they fixed it and you can’t tell anything was ever broken!

      • Great idea Holly. Last year we found a set of matching horns at the Ft Worth Rodeo. 30 bucks, and they fit her very nicely. I just screwed them on……

  1. Love, love, love all that you have done in your garage! Really quite spectacular! That planking is fabulous! I am always envious of people with really good organizational skills…and you two have it in SPADES!!! Can’t wait for your NEXT update…until then: GREAT JOB!!! and thank you for sharing!

    • Ooh, thanks Vickie, it’s quickly becoming our favorite room in the house. We spend a lot of time out there doing projects……..and that’s where all the beer is.

  2. I have a garage on the east… And a garage on the west, attached to the pool house… And they would both make your head explode.
    They are HOORRRIBLE.. YOURS LOOKS AWESOME… What a handsome bovine someone found for you!

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    • So glad that you liked it !!!! We still have a little more work to do out there…(just bought barn pendants the other day) …..so keep checking back

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  6. You guys and your house are such an inspiration to me. By the way, I too have a taxidermied (is this a word?) head but it’s a deer. She (Dear) resides in my retail boutique with a flower on her head and pearls. I had someone yell at me once for having a deer head on the wall. I said “well, I didn’t kill her I just decorated her!”. Shut her right up. I love your cow and I have a niece, who is in Lubbock, watching out for one for me! An already taxidermied one that is. I love your house so much. Look forward to many more posts. Get busy.

    • Hi Cindy, we have a deer head in the bedroom, he wears a Shriner’s Fez…..Just so happens that our cow head came from Lubbock, ‘prolly why she was so cheap. They have so many there. …..and we have many many more posts ahead. Glad your here!

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  9. James, I absolutely love your garage – it is my inspiration room. What is the width of your boards? I am in the process of organizing my garage after 3years in the house and it being the “catch all”. Thx

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  11. I live in an apt. in far North Dallas (hiyooooo!) and don’t even *have* a garage, yet this is enough to make a grown woman weep with joy (I think I get it from my dad, who has a place for everything and everything in its place). But I really REALLY need those red C style cabinets…do you know who makes them?

    • They are from Ikea…..a friend was throwing them away…and I thought, “Yeah, I might be able to make them work”..and brought them home

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  16. I know this post is old, but I know where to get replacement longhorns!!! Or at least horns, not sure what breed they are from. I got some from Tandy leather withing the last 20 years. Can’t get any closer than that, lol. Love your blog, boys.

    • Hi. We bought them at the Ft Worth stock show. There was just a box of mismatched horns….. and I think I found 2 that sort of match. Have you tried Etsy or EBay?

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