9 comments on “We’re on HGTV

  1. Why doesn’t anyone want to live in Waco? I keep watching Chip and Jo renovate all those cool, cheap houses and I want to hightail in their direction. So fill me in. I currently live in the upper peninsula of Michigan with snow that hangs around until June. Housing costs are higher here and heating is a terror. Your garage is beautiful!

    • Waco is about an hour and a half outside of any real Texas city, and it’s primarily a Baptist University. Baylor. Where students were forbidden to dance on campus until the mid-90’s because Jesus would be upset. For some season, that small town attract a lot of religious fanatics, David Koresh, for one, and has more than an average amount of bizarre happenings. Just last year there was a shoot out at a second-rate Hooters involving rival biker gangs. I love Chip and JoJo, but the rest of the country has to wonder why property values are soooooooo low there. Buyer beware………(and thank you)

  2. Nice to have a walk down memory lane with your garage. Your work / blog is so, so good.

    While watching one of the early episodes of Fixer Upper, I knew I would have to search Waco on the internet because I knew in the back of my mind that it was associated with something bad that happened years ago. Of course the search revealed the 1993 Branch Davidian massacre which horrified the continent. And I say continent because even up here in Canada, mentioning the name Waco leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  3. So just to be clear, the horror that happened in Mt. Carmel Texas years ago(20plus) did NOT occur in Waco. Waco is the closest big city to Mt. Carmel . Please oh please stop judging a city, even Mt. Carmel for that matter, on an extreme group. That would be like saying Ft. Worth is full of murderers because JFK was killed in Dallas.

  4. You guys!! This is so cool! You deserve it…for all of your creativity and passion! Jeff and I LOVE keeping up with you two!! Congrats again!!

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