10 comments on “Finishing Up Those Cedar Details

  1. I commented on the fence pictures, then hit refresh and you had posted this new post…those are really sharp and first class.

  2. It looks great! But, I must admit that my eye is immediately drawn to the wreath on your door. Love it! I wish I could get away with something like that here in Virginia…it reminds me of home in NM!

    • Same Here, I think of Georgia O’Keeffe….I just love New Mexico…the Pinon and Sage smells……And those sunsets……Our neighbors hate my skull wreath, While we were out of town once a neighbor took it down and put it in our garage…

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    • Hi Jen! We used “Russet” from Home Depot……here’s the trick, I had them only mix 1/4 of the colorant so the cedar would show through

  4. Hey there!!! I came across your post on Pinterest. This is exactly what I want for my home!!! I found all the links in the post except the main color of your home. Do you know exactly what it’s called?!?! This would help me so much! Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren, I wish I did. The house came this color….kinda “vanilla”. I had to take a piece to Home Depot to color match so I could paint the garage to match the rest …sadly, it was “pea-soup” green.

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