17 comments on “Wood Shutters

      • Steven, I am sooo embarrassed to admit it , but they are still stacked in the garage… We are going to stain the front porch posts and hang the shutters in the next month..promise…Concrete nails will be my very first option

  1. I absolutely love the attention to detail in everything you do as well as the way you document each project. You are great at carrying out the lifestyles across all rooms and even to the exterior. My wife Tameka (RL West Village) says hello! And now we must copycat your wood wall behind the bed. Thanks, Steven

    • Thanks Steven, our projects are all pretty simple and we try to take as many pictures as we can. Our house just fits “us”, the kitchen is a little more modern than I would have chosen, but it goes with the house…..a “country” kitchen would have been weird. So glad that you’re doing the wood wall, start the planks at the top and use as few nails as possible……it’s pretty easy.
      Tell Tameka I said ” Howdy” right back!

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  4. I know this is an old post but I just found these through google. U guys rock! These shutters r awesome! Great idea!

  5. Thank you for the inspiration! I was looking for something modern yet keeping with the style of our 1960s Farmers Branch ranch house. I had these custom made. I love them!!

    Attaching to our brick was tricky and the handyman made many adjustments that you cannot tell. Worth it!!

    • I’m so glad that we could inspire you.. Ours feel fitting with our horizontal fence. And yeah, I had some trouble attaching them to the brick as well. Everyone said “just drill into the brick!” What they meant was “just drill into the MORTAR” Ha!

  6. Hi…just finding your shutters on Pinterest. I love them!! Do you recall the dimensions of the horizontal pieces?

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