15 comments on “The Cavender Paint Colors

  1. I love everything you have done; the house looks amazing. I can’t bring myself to buy BEHR paint in Miami because our HD paint department is a nightmare–hope they see this, lol! Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

  2. Okay, so I have to ask…, is the brand ‘BAHR’ or ‘BEHR’. I am familiar with ‘BEHR’, as it is my ‘go to’ paint, but I have never heard of ‘BAHR’. I could be stating the obvious, but I want to make sure I am not missing something. I mean no disrespect, I really want to make sure that I have it right. Thank you in advance. 😀

    {Regardless, beautiful paint colors, an even more stunning home.}

      • Thanks. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a pest, but it was going to bother me the rest of the night, if I didn’t ask. Thanks, you’re a teddy ‘behr’. {Oh, and I would totally make the same mistake. Please, never hesitate to call me out.}

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your paint colors! We just got home last night after spending the weekend at our new/old cabin (major fixer-upper) in the woods. It has an amazing cast iron wood stove in the living area, with an awful pink brick wall behind it. I was going to check your site as soon as I got home to see if I could figure out the color you used on your brick, and saw your new post and ta-da! there it was! Granite! How timely! I will be heading to HD this week. The cabin also has ugly 70’s style paneling, which WILL be painted over. Fawn just might be the perfect color! Thanks again for all that you do!

    • Joan, Home Depot will tell you that the don’t sell Ralph Lauren paint anymore……but they can still mix the colors in their own paint. I do it ALL the time. And fawn would look great on paneling !

  4. LOVE your home and your style–especially that master bedroom. I also live in Texas and own a 70’s ranch home that my husband and I are slowly renovating. I have been dying to paint our ugly yellow exterior brick, but have held off since I keep getting conflicting information. Just wondering how the paint is holding up on your home and whether y’all have painted any of the brick since you’ve moved in or if it was all painted before you purchased. If you have any information as to what kind of prep work, paint used, cautions, or any tips, I would love to hear it.

    • Hi Renee, ive heard the same warnings about painting brick, i dont understand why. Our house was painted when we bought it, so its been well over 7-8 years…… And its fine. No peeling at all. Go paint your brick a color you will enjoy.

      • I was hoping you’d have positive things to say! I also spoke with my boss this afternoon about his painted brick. They had to paint theirs in 1980 when they did an addition to their home and couldn’t match the brick. He informed me that they just had it repainted the first time last year. So maybe y’all will be as lucky with your paint and it will last 30 years (or until you get tired of the color) as well!!!

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