13 comments on “Making Space for the TV

  1. Beautiful job….and CLEARLY meant to be!!!! Love the finished lamp project too. Gonna try to give those custom shade folks a spin. Thank you!!

  2. Wow, adding that extra piece and the larger flag really does tone down the size of the television. Looks awesome! So does the lampshade! Love your blog!

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  4. So I found a very similar lamp on of all places, Facebook! I also need to find a shade. Can you tell me how tall your lamp is? I am nervous about buying a shade for it online that it can’t “try on” beforehand. Help?

    • Hi Jesselyn, The “ball part” of my lamp is about 20″ tall and the shade, 13″. I was a little nervous abpout ordering an unseen shade too. But it looks perfect to me. You can always take it too a lighting store and try a few on before ordering online.

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