12 comments on “More Sea Shells?

  1. Hello
    I love your blog and have been following for a year or so. I too am a seashell collector. I could be wrong, but I think you have a nutmeg shell rather than cantharus….

    • Hi Bridget, Thanks for the info…You’re probably right. We are still working on identifiny all our bounty. I was surprised that we could name as many as we did.

  2. This is a post close to my heart. I too collect things in old bottles and jars that have lids. My grandma’s button collection, sea glass, washed ashore beach finds, shells and everyone’s favorite money, to be counted and rolled for later use.

    • Same here Janet………besides shells, I have jars of dice, matchbox cars, matchbooks, corks, bottle caps, dominos, pinecones, coins, and one big jar full of all sorts of found things….

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning our vacation jars! I’m so excited to be included here because I have admired you guys and your decorating for about 8 months. You once again made my day! Hopefully I can meet you both one day since I’m only a few hours south of ya.

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

    • Glad that you liked it. I love your take on the same thing….and your vacations look much cooler than ours. How funny that we both posted on them in the same week……Great Minds

  4. Love this! I just did the same thing with my niece and nephew with our shell collections from Florida. I added a wooden tag with rope to the jar with the date and location from one of my favorite Etsy sellers. Your blog is so awesome!

    • Aww shucks, thanks JD. And just love the idea of a wooden tag. Jamie has an Etsy artist who makes them from stamped copper. He uses them for luggage tags….could be cool on these jars too.

  5. How wonderful to have your shells and beach finds organized – mine are all together in a heap! http://www.tarabradford.com/2014/02/seashells.html When my daughter was a child, we started collecting rocks, stones and inexpensive gemstones on our travels. The only airport security incident we had was when bringing white sand from Carmel to my mother, to fill a pottery bowl from France (and stick thin white candles in the sand). As sand is a component in explosives, this didn’t go down well at SFO.

    • (Tara, I’m no stranger to TSA)….and not all of our shells are that organized. I have 2 big tubs full of shells, coral, and drift wood in the garage. Sometimes in the summer I pull them out and fill a big wire basket on the coffee table. It’s way to jumbled to remember where each piece came from…but I try.

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