23 comments on “2 ‘Murikans Abroad

  1. Hey James & Jamie I remember my trip to London @ 5yrs old! When my mom and I checked into
    the hotel the desk clerk said ” Hello love what time would you like me to knock you up”
    My Mom said ” come around here love let me have a good look at you” to this day I am not really
    sure if she knew he meant wake her up or not! Looks like ya all had a great time! great pictures!

    • “Quite”!!! I had to tone down the Texas accent the first day. Everyone talks all proper and stuff there. We sound like “hill people” when we open our mouths. Can’t wait to go back.

  2. Very interesting! Did you have passports already, or did you get them for this trip? No one remarked on your accents while you were there? And finally, congratulations on your new Big Ben glass ornament! I love the travel souvenir! 😉

    • Yupp, got passports for the cruise we took a few years ago. (But we both have Global Entry/TSA Pre status now too) My accent is a little less apparent than Jamie’s, but trust me, NO need to tell anyone that were were indeed American (the NY hat did the trick just fine). I really wanted that ornament pic with Big Ben in the background……Tried the same thing in NY with an Empire State Building ornament, but we could never get the shot right.

  3. You had a great travel agent! You saw a lot of things in a short time? Where did you get that Japanese Tiger baseball jacket. I always wanted one as a kid, now I might have to buy a vintage one! Finish the bathroom.

    • Great travel agent, indeed. She squeezed it all in for us. AND since I work/shop in the same store for 50-60 hours a week, it should be no surprize that my tiger souvenir jacket is Polo. I love it too. And don’t worry…..bathroom is next.

  4. Wow! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Take care!😊💕

  5. Teavana Earl Grey Creme. Love in a cup! You really did fit in a lot in a short time. I have fallen in love with the TV series, Escape to the Country. The British version of House Hunters and a much better show. Now I am with Ann W……get back to work. 😀

    • Christine!!!1 I think we watched it! TV there is so random. but there was a show where they show a couple couples house they can kinda afford. Looked like House Hunters to us, only the agents kept changing. You just know we’d find the one DIY show in the whole Kingdom to watch. That, and Will & Grace. OOOOOhh and a show called Big Heads, Google it, it’s insane!!!

  6. we did everything you did and had a wonderful time. So glad you went. By the way, they speak English everywhere. Love, Aunt Pat

    • Hi Aunt Pat! Yepp, we’ve heard that most everyone speaks English, Ha! It was a great trip, and we’re already talking about the next one!

  7. Loved every moment of your story! I always like to hear when people enjoy London like me! What a great adventure to share! You should try Paris next! I could go on and on and on…

  8. Museums are free as the English want people to actually visit them. I thought your picture of the children was fine as none of their faces showed but people are so paranoid now. I can remember going to galleries as a child with my school but funding for that type of thing is so tight now. It’s too bad. Canadians also spell colour with a “u”.

    • We used the Canadian Embasy as a landmark. Every time we turned a corner, it was there. Even found a pub called the “Maple Leaf”.

  9. I left part of my heart in London. I love it SO much… But also…. Bathroom reveal, bathroom reveal, bathroom reveal!!!!!!

  10. What a fun post! I really enjoyed reading about London and I love that glass ornament you picked up.
    The bathroom looks like it’s shaping up nicely. The turquoise tile is just beautiful and I love that Ikea sink … can’t wait to see it finished.
    My spousal unit and I went to Paris for 11 days in April and it was just as fabulous as I’d hoped it would be. We took a river cruise up the Seine first, accompanied by some dear friends (former Californians) from Wisconsin. We had a great time touring during the day in Paris & then various others spots in France, and then hanging out in the lounge in the evenings … playing cards, drinking beers & calvados, and competing in trivia games. Ended with a few extra days in “The City of Light” … rode that very similar gigantic ferris wheel, Paris was just glorious. When I think about it I grin.
    We reluctantly returned home, dragging our tired selves thru customs etc. in San Francisco. Then I turned by phone on and got some truly dreadful news from home. A very close relative (like married to our daughter close) was the first victim in a multiple shooting episode in Fresno, that lasted all of 2 1/2 minutes but claimed three lives. In the midst of all the resulting grief and other stuff I love to sneak in thoughts of that vacation. It briefly lifts my spirits and soothes my broken heart. Viva la France.
    Here’s to travel. May we have more trips in our future. And less really mean stuff. This world needs more kindness, light and love.

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