16 comments on “Our Vanity Project

  1. The vanity is stunning! Although, I am nearly as stunned to read about an Allsup’s on your blog… I had no idea they were that far East now. I grew up in NM and Allsup’s is home to some amazing gas station delicacies beloved by most New Mexicans and craved by those of us who have moved away. This post was a double win for me!

    • Marcia, you win!!!! “Allsup’s” was the secret of the post. I went to Texas Tech in Lubbock, and you better believe that we had them there. Those deep fried burritos were the perfect 2 am snack after a night of heavy drin……I mean, studying. Long live the small town gas station. (btw, no Allsup’s in Amarillo. They had Toot and Totem…but everyone called them “Fart and Fetchem”)

  2. Evidently “slow and steady wins the race” applies to you guys. I am too impatient to wait for anything! And I read this after you posted about your adventure! Have fun!

    • Slow and steady had better hurry up……the bathroom we’re currently using is starting to deteriorate quickly…😂😂😂😂

  3. I grew up about a mile from that Allsup’s! I didn’t know anyone outside of Wylie/Sachse/Murphy knew about it, haha! Most people cannot figure out how to say Sachse, either. Love that area. There’s a small Fina Mart in Wylie that appears to sell “BAIT SANDWICHES” as you head out toward the lake. Small town vestiges reassure me as we keep growing.

    • No kidding? Small world. Speaking of small town names. I had a friend who used to work at Dairy Queen in Mexia, Texas. People would come in all the time and ask her how to pronounce that name of the place……she would look them square in the eyes and say, “Dare-E-Kween”.

  4. I am just now seeing THIS and I am ECSTATIC for you! I LOVE THAT!!!! Hurry up, already!!!!

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