19 comments on “Quick (Real Quick) Trip to Key West

  1. Your vacations look as fun as you guys. Hope your brother made it home. He’s awful cute to leave at the airport. I enjoy your blog. Keep it up guys.

  2. Jim….. Gary and I love Key West and South Beach. I am sorry that your trip was cut short but I loved seeing your pics. Your blog is awesome and I love what your doing with your house……Vicki

    • AWW Thanks Vicki!! We Love Key West too, this is our 3rd trip…it was going to be short (but not a day and a half) ..WE’re so glad that you have been following along with the house progress, maybe someday we’ll finish all our half started projects….

  3. Love your photo essay on the trip to the Keys. We love the Hemingway House too – Asher is obsessed with cats, so the Hemingway House was the highlight of our trip last year. Still so sorry to have missed the big fat reunion. I really will get my sh*t together in time for the next one in five years…

    • No worries, we will go back next summer, (it’s one of my favorite places on Earth) Ben wants to go back too, he just loved the 24 hours we were there…we all HATED South Beach. We will prolly do another Carribean cruise with the Pecks too…she has already picked one out for us….7 days – 5 new islands…Very cool

      • Hey Guys,
        I happened across your website tonite. Decided to check it out, and really enjoyed it. Looks like my partner and I have similar interests/hobbies as you both. Enjoyed it very much. Loved the pumpkin arrangement, as i’ll have to try that one. You’ve given me some great decorating ideas. Can’t wait to see what you do this Christmas………..Take Care!

      • Hey Tom! So glad that you found us! Pretty sure that pumpkin arrangement would make an awesome Thanksgiving centerpiece…..Christmas around here is quite a spectacle, I decorate for Christmas professionally. Sort of, I’m am art director. Anyhoo, stick around and see for yourself.

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