13 comments on “Key West 2017

  1. Thanks, that was a great travelogue. It makes me want to go there. I’m interested to find out exactly what that little green lizard is. Not an iguana?

  2. I haven’t been since 1978 on Christmas break from college. My friends and I decided to go from VA with $100 each to spend. We camped. We went to see the sun set and my car got towed. Sloppy Joe himself was still alive and gave me advice and had me use his phone and got me a cab. Very nice guy. I was on a Hemingway kick. I remember the human skull on the bar. I paid the tow fee but never paid the parking ticket on his advice. My friends got a five toed kitten and named it Margaux. Great trip while it was still wild and shabby.

    • Sounds like a great memory. Trust me, it’s still “shabby”. And now I’m not going to worry about the parking ticket…S we got a few years ago…….and forgot to pay. (If they ever catch up with us, I’ll just tell them it was all Sloppy Joe’s idea not to pay them.)

  3. Fun! Thanks for the photos! I think that there is a camp ground in Key West, + I really want to go there with our canned ham. One thing I’d like to do is walk along residential streets + try to get a peek at something awesome!. My fingers are crossed for lots of “shabby”, by the way.

    • You know, I think Mary Emmerling still has a home there. I always fantasize about running into her and Reg at a restaurant. Unfortunately, our one friend in common owes her money. Ha!

  4. These pictures are sooo awesome! You really captured things I have never seen before. The stark cross is beautiful and the pie with that huge topping!! Wow!

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  5. Just going back thru old emails. Such beautiful pictures! So sad to think about what the area might look like after Hurricane Irma blows thru the area!! So very sad for all of Florida!!

    • Betsy, we’ve been saying all week that someday we’ll be telling the story of how we used to visit Key West before the big hurricane hit….very sad indeed

    • We were just watching video of the aftermath. 20% of the homes were destroyed……so sad. The Conchs are a resilient spirits…..they will rebuild.

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