7 comments on “Fighting City Hall

  1. I was out of town when they butchered ours. But, they were nice enough to leave ALL of the branches they cut laying in my back yard. It is like they cut then just dropped them.

  2. Blimey!

    Thank goodness you were home and were on-hand to speak “red neck” to the tree slaughtering blokes. I live in the midst of red-neck-ville myself…and sometimes it’s easier to speak their language and convince them you’re on their team…than to convince them to see your point. The end result is the same…it’s just easier, and they’re none the wiser. lol

    Good job, mates.

    • Tina, I didn’t know that we had a voice in the matter, Jamie said that of course we did…..and he was right, they still cut limbs…but not as many as they had planned on ….

  3. Utilities are awful about this. There is a BIG DEAL going on in central Indiana about how homeowners’ trees are trimmed, um, I mean, the utilities’ “vegetation management” policies.

    I had a run-in with the power company myself: http://www.angieslist.com/articles/indianapolis-homeowners-fight-power-utility-tree-trimming-policy.htm Despite the grammatical error (that I said off the cuff not realizing it would be a prominent quote in the article) I am proud to be the leading story in this article.

    • I LOVE that story, I felt they were disregarding my rights as well, my neighbor had the same issue and refused to let them in his yard too…we both got better treatment from the “Second String” Arborists that came through…..Our trees are aesthetically pleasing now and not butchered. Phil Ping is my new hero…he says EXACTLY what I’m thinking …LOVE that dude

  4. You all are completely right. I am a Forester and very professional Utility Arborist. If you don’t let utility companys trim your trees on a cycle basis you would have continuing outages all the time. I love trees but when it’s effecting my utility reliability I would much rather have it trimmed than BE without power. Also, some people have medical equipment that keeps them alive using power.

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