27 comments on “The Perfect Gardening Area

  1. Gr8t job. Looks very clean, professional, and modern. Wish I could hire you to do something similar.

    What’s under the pea gravel?

    • Awww shucks Felicia..not everything…We don’t document the epic fails much, there was supposed to be a shelf mounted over the potting bench (But We just couldn’t make it happen)

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  3. fanTAStic work! i decided to do gravel as well. your work inspires me because the side of my house that i want to work on first is quite similar. since i’m on a limited budget, i will have to take the long route, too. how deep did you go before placing the weed blocker and how deep did 46 bags of pea gravel fill? and thanks for posting!

    • Hi Karen , glad you found us. We did about 2-3 inches of gravel. Because the yard slopes towards the house, it’s thicker in that area. 46 bags went pretty far, enough for our dog to spray gravel every time she runs through!

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    • Sorry Doris, we don’t think they make them anymore……jamie thinks he bought it through “Skymall”, but we found several similar ones online

  5. I want to put a shed just like that at the back of my house but am concerned about possible moisture build up or dirt and debris collecting behind the shed. I also have a brick ranch. Did you have any thoughts about that? Also did you fasten it to the brick or is it free-standing?

    • Hi Julie, we left a small space between the house and the shed, just a few inches, no problems yet. However, we built up the height with bricks…so there’s a small space underneath….and “something” lives under there…I’ve never seen evidence of any animal (rat, snake, don’t know what else would fit…) but the Doberman wants under there reall bad, so I know.

  6. Hey James. This is looks awesome. I’m building a horizontal fence and I love your design. I know you did 1/2″ spacing with your slats for the fence. Did you do the same spacing for the gate? It looks more like 1″. Also are the slats for the gate 1×6 like the fence slats? Thanks bud!

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