13 comments on “A Better Gate

  1. One of the many reasons why I love you: you use the word ‘wonky’. i’ve gotten some funny looks for that word. Like i made it up or heard it on sesame street or something. ;0)

    • Isn’t wonky the best word to describe a crooked gate? I think it might be a “design” word……all my friends in the fashion/design world use it….our other friends? not so much…Also see “groovy” and “oogie”

    • Typical yanks (or non-Brits!), nicking one of our common words and pretending they saw it on Sesame St first or it’s a trendy design word! :o)
      Wonky is a common word in the UK, it’s been around a long time but I do love that it’s come from another well known Middle English word wanky, which now has a subtle but important difference to us.
      You should definitely add wanky to your inner dictionary, or the noun form, wanker, You’ll find them both very useful in a lot of everyday situations.


  2. Feel free to throw in a cattywampus if you’re feeling fancy.

    “Cedar isn’t forever” just struck me as so funny. Glad I have my big ole diamond ring instead of some cedar thing!

    My technical hubby completely over-engineered a gate and the weight made it slump so I think you were brilliant, as always, to lighten the load. Beautiful.

  3. Another great project. Thanks for the inspiration. I am taking on the barn on our property, and need to redo barn doors. I want to give them a X-style appearance like old barn doors. Does HD have an easy barn door kit?


    • I think you could use the same kit, just add the X on top and trim the sides…LOVE that idea btw. We will be working on our shed soon, doing something similar…just you wait

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  6. Thank you for your helpful diy details. I was able to do the gate on my horizontal slat fence all by myself along with your experience. Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for a helpful tutorial. I was able to put a gate up on my horizontal slat fence all be myself and all your tips. Thank you!

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