27 comments on “A Better Gate

  1. One of the many reasons why I love you: you use the word ‘wonky’. i’ve gotten some funny looks for that word. Like i made it up or heard it on sesame street or something. ;0)

    • Isn’t wonky the best word to describe a crooked gate? I think it might be a “design” word……all my friends in the fashion/design world use it….our other friends? not so much…Also see “groovy” and “oogie”

    • Typical yanks (or non-Brits!), nicking one of our common words and pretending they saw it on Sesame St first or it’s a trendy design word! :o)
      Wonky is a common word in the UK, it’s been around a long time but I do love that it’s come from another well known Middle English word wanky, which now has a subtle but important difference to us.
      You should definitely add wanky to your inner dictionary, or the noun form, wanker, You’ll find them both very useful in a lot of everyday situations.


  2. Feel free to throw in a cattywampus if you’re feeling fancy.

    “Cedar isn’t forever” just struck me as so funny. Glad I have my big ole diamond ring instead of some cedar thing!

    My technical hubby completely over-engineered a gate and the weight made it slump so I think you were brilliant, as always, to lighten the load. Beautiful.

  3. Another great project. Thanks for the inspiration. I am taking on the barn on our property, and need to redo barn doors. I want to give them a X-style appearance like old barn doors. Does HD have an easy barn door kit?


    • I think you could use the same kit, just add the X on top and trim the sides…LOVE that idea btw. We will be working on our shed soon, doing something similar…just you wait

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  6. Thank you for your helpful diy details. I was able to do the gate on my horizontal slat fence all by myself along with your experience. Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for a helpful tutorial. I was able to put a gate up on my horizontal slat fence all be myself and all your tips. Thank you!

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  9. Thanks so much for this post! I love your gate, and I appreciate having your inside scoop before I begin my own similar project tomorrow. Have you been happy with the Home Depot Gate Kit?

    • Hi Eve, glad you asked. It’s been a few years and honestly our “no droop” gate is drooping. Not sure it’s the kits fault, our contractor said it might be the posts. But it was easy to install and still looks great. Just at a slight angle.

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